Zeolite Powder Vertical Mill

Zeolite Powder Vertical Mill

Vertical Roller mill vibration

Vertical mill is a vertical roller mill, raw material preparation system in cement production has a very broad application. In the course of their work, vertical mill production run of vibration on the entire system has a great influence. In general reasons causing zeolite powder vertical mill vibration can be divided into four categories: the material properties change, improper control of the thickness of material, the mill ventilation unreasonable, system failure and process operation. Vertical mill material layer is formed during the production of a certain particle size distribution, the particle size of its raw materials, there is a certain range requirements, a size too large or too small will lead to destruction of gradation balance, causing the material layer toughness and rigidity the weakening. Another example is the material grindability changes liner wear is exacerbated, resulting in vertical mill vibration. In short, the change in the material properties of the liner will cause excessive wear and accelerate the progress of liner wear, causing vertical mill vibration occurs. The mill ventilation is unreasonable material bed thickness and stability, an important factor. When the mill ventilation is too small, it will cause a lot of the finished product is not taken away by the wind, the content of the disc and spit slag powder gradually increased, eventually leading vertical mill vibration.

Zeolite Powder Vertical Mill Working Principle

Into the slag grinding mill stick within the hydraulic load under pressure is extruded milled, pulverized material is fed to the hot mill separator was fractionated into the mill simultaneously with hot air heat exchange, drying water. The separated fines collected by the bag filter down through the air chute, storage elevators, and other three-way valve into the ore chute storage repository for storage. After precipitator air is purified and recycled back to the mill to continue to use part of the rest of the machine through the exhaust chimney into the atmosphere. Coarse material is separated to return heavy grinding mill. Slag grinding material is provided with external circulation system. Updraft can not be brought up in the mill large particulate material as the outer loop material by double flap valves, conveyor belts, the elevator into the back residue positions. Back to the residue positions within the material by the belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, three iron tube slide means to re-feed zeolite powder vertical mill in.

SBM zeolite powder vertical mill using reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced technological process, set of crushing, drying, grinding, separator, transportation in one, especially in the steel slag grinding process, has a unique advantage. Zeolite powder vertical mill grinding principle of the material layer using steel slag grinding, low cost and energy consumption, high production efficiency. Slag mill inside the residence time of only 2-3 minutes, and the ball mill residence time is 1 / 10-1 / 5, it can be quickly measured, and the chemical composition of steel slag fine correction, stable quality, uniform particle size distribution. Also zeolite powder vertical mill with fully sealed system, the system operates under negative pressure, no dust, in line with national environmental standards. According to my company's existing milling equipment, can take vertical mill, trapezium mill, Raymond mill, the European version of the grinding finish grinding process, or trapezoidal mill + ultrafine mill, Raymond and micro powder grinding jointly grinding process. According to the company can slag or steel slag emissions to ensure supply, as well as local and neighboring markets in demand for steel slag determine reasonable production technology and scale.

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