White Mercury Mining Process

White Mercury Mining Process

It refers to all non-ferrous metals other than iron, chromium, manganese three metals. Non-ferrous metal mines include: copper, lead and zinc, tungsten ore, molybdenum ore, nickel ore, bauxite, tin, antimony ore, mercury, cobalt ore, bismuth ore, magnesium ore, and so on. There are open-air and underground mining of mercury in two ways. China mainly underground mining, mainly mining deposits in shallow burial, and the use of flat hole, blind hole Inclined Shaft peace jointly developing the project more. The use of formal mine shaft, only Guizhou Tongren mercury and mercury. White mercury mining process mining method, according to the situation and the occurrence of mercury deposit ore body morphology, occurrence of different characteristics, shrinkage stoping method and structure with a bottom hole caving mining method. Using pneumatic drill, drill a shallow hole drilling machine for general use.

In recent years, China's total production of mercury industry trend, the yield decline. The reason is, first, because white mercury mining process and milling processes and environmental pollution, many countries have strict mercury production and use, which led to a significant decline in demand for mercury, mercury international market prices fell, not a lot of export of mercury products . Second, most of the mercury mine is put into operation in the fifties and sixties, it has now entered the mine late, some mines have been Closure or difficult due to product sales and production. Therefore, the mercury industry production capacity and output is declining.

Our resources are abundant mercury, centralized distribution, and a single mercury deposit, good mining conditions, ore smelting easy to choose and easy, and simple process is the development of white mercury mining process of favorable conditions. The degree of assurance from the point of view of mineral resources, reserves of mercury now 81,400 t, of which industrial reserves 20,300 t, according to authorities recommend limiting mercury 500t annual output of mineral resources configuration, for the exploitation of existing reserves can guarantee 15 years the above. But the continuation of the presence of mine production problems. Most of the mine is built in the fifties and sixties mine or expansion of old mining enterprises, and some resources nearly exhausted, and some have Bikeng, some due to low-grade or discontinued due to high mining costs, coupled with the current domestic and international markets mercury sales slump, the majority of mercury losses of the enterprise, and therefore also have the resources to afford expansion or new mine pit. Therefore, the mercury industry who believe that in a market economy, should strengthen the development of mercury deep-processed products, to open export channels, and take a variety of business on the road, is the direction of white mercury mining process for future development.

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