Tracked Mobile Stone Crusher

Tracked Mobile Stone Crusher

Although the crawler type and the tire type belong to the mobile stone crusher series, but the crawler type equipment is not as high as the tire type, most customers in the market know very little about it. So what about this crawler mobile stone crusher?

What is the reason, let customers give up the tire crusher to use the crawler mobile stone crusher?

1. Environment: The tire-type mobile stone crusher designed with the vehicle chassis is more suitable for urban road work. If it is forcibly used in mountainous areas with harsh environment, it can be used, but the efficiency will be greatly damaged. In addition, it will be inevitable in outdoor work. In the case of climbing, it is not suitable for tire type at this time;

2. Super power attraction: The crawler type mobile stone crusher supports the dual-purpose oil and electricity, which solves the problem of insufficient power supply at the customer's production site, and the diesel power supply is more powerful, which can greatly improve the production efficiency;

3, worry-free, labor-saving operation, let customers love it: In addition to the use of integrated machine, can help customers eliminate the complex site infrastructure installation operations of separate components, reduce material and working hours, this crawler mobile stone crusher It also adds an additional PLC automation control system, remote one-button operation, easy to complete the gravel operation, so how can we not let customers heart.

4, the operation of environmental protection is the addition of the tracked mobile stone crusher: the closed body design, combined with the use of additional dust and noise reduction equipment, can ensure the silent operation of the equipment.

Customer Evaluation Tracked Mobile Stone Crusher

  1. 1, worry! No need to piling fixed, no need to consider power supply, not to worry about the site problem;
  2. 2, efficient! The bluestone raw material enters from one end of the crawler mobile stone crusher and is discharged at the other end. The process is simplified and the efficiency is higher.

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