SCM Ultrafine Mill

SCM Ultrafine Mill

SCM ultrafine mill closed grinding process

Grinding process is divided into closed and open two, the practice has proved that the advantages of open circuit grinding system is simple operation, the material is finished after the finished product. However, it should be noted that the material in the mill flow rate is slow, long residence time, it is likely to cause excessive grinding of materials, the finished product size is its disadvantage. Today, kaolin special milling machine, Raymond Mill, medium-speed mill and other milling equipment by the industry's praise, and SCM series has always been firmly occupied the status of mining machinery and milling industry.

Therefore, we advocate and promote the use of closed-circuit grinding system, SCM series of ultrafine mill plus the election of powder equipment, through the timely grinding of the fine powder will be grinding out, so as to effectively avoid open circuit grinding system problems. At the same time, the speed of the material in the closed circuit is accelerated, and the grinding body of each bin is properly crushed or pulverized, so the capacity of the equipment can be increased by 40%. Ultra-fine grinding in the manganese ore production line, slag powder production line, cement grinding production line, active lime production line and other projects in the application of a wide range of environmental environmental projects such as desulfurization projects and denitrification projects also have excellent performance. Often equipped with jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, belt conveyor, vibration feeder and other ancillary equipment commonly used.

Ultrafine mill is a widely used grinding machine. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractories, fertilizers, black and nonferrous metals processing, glass, ceramics and other production industries. But with the development of science and technology, it also needs to be improved.

Advantages of Ultrafine Mill

Compared with Raymond Mill, ultrafine mill is more advanced, more reliable, more productive and more stable. It completely overcomes the traditional industrial milling machine in the scope of application, production, fineness, energy consumption, life and other aspects of the defects. Of course, Raymond Mill is also constantly upgrading and innovation, because of its simple operation, cheap, and workers used to use Raymond Mill, so also loved by many users.

SCM ultrafine mill is a new ultra-fine powder machine. It is a new device, is a lot of grinding machine in the trump card products. It is mainly used in coatings, paper, paint, cosmetics and chemical products and other industries. It is suitable for grinding processing calcite, limestone, dolomite, talc, kaolin, bentonite, magnetite, barite, gypsum, graphite, phosphate and so on, the grinding operation when the feeding size of 10 / 20mm, finished Material size is 325 to 2500 mesh. Production capacity of 4500 to 7500 kg / ton.

Improve the efficiency of Ultrafine Mill

First of all, the choice of ultra-fine grinding is very important. Common ultrafine mill includes SCM ultrafine mill, T130X series of ultrafine mill and LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill. In the selection of equipment, the user must understand their own material processing, according to the situation to select the appropriate equipment, which is to ensure that the production efficiency of the important factors. The second is the right production line configuration, broken and transmission equipment is the key, they need to match with the ore grinding machine. The third is ultrafine mill proper maintenance, especially for bearing maintenance. The user should always check the bearing temperature. Need to check whether the temperature is too high, check the lubrication, the transmission part of the normal and the rolling distance is the same, and take appropriate measures. In severe cases, should be shut down to check. As mentioned above, the degree of tightening of the belt will also affect the operation of the equipment, the belt will loose the transmission efficiency and affect the milling effect; too tight easily lead to overheating of the bearing, and increase power consumption, reducing the belt life. After the one is, do not forget to check the pneumatic components. Such as the discovery of too tight, too loose, hit and deviation of the phenomenon, indicating that there are serious wear and tear parts, should be timely adjustment, repair or replacement.

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