Large Mobile Stone Crusher

Large Mobile Stone Crusher

This silent and dust-free large mobile stone crusher fully meets the user's vision of the crushing machine, and even more complete functions, please see the following details.

1. Mobility

The mobile crushing station is a fixed crusher equipped with a mobile drive chassis. There are two kinds of mobile drive chassis, tire drive and track drive. The tire moving crushing station is equivalent to a semi-trailer. It can be hung on the front of the car, and the crawler mobile crusher body is integrated. It can be turned in place and climbed uphill. These two driving methods can be directly driven to the crushing site and flexible.

2, silent and dust free

  1. Due to the maneuverability of this equipment, it can directly penetrate the site to break, avoiding secondary pollution during the transportation of raw materials;
  2. The mobile crusher is equipped with new environmentally-friendly crushing equipment. When working, the unique crushing cavity type is not easy to produce sound and dust. The special materials used also have sound-insulating properties and are not easy to spread;
  3. In addition, according to the different requirements of users on the degree of environmental protection, different treatment methods can be done: first, the conveyor belt can be sealed to reduce the overflow of dust; second, the mobile equipment can be directly driven into a simple room to seal production; A device for removing dust and noise in a feeder, a sieving machine, a crushing environment, and the like.

Large intelligent product

In addition to maneuvering and environmental protection, mobile crushers are still a large-scale intelligent product. It moves the fuselage above, in addition to installing the crusher, it can also properly install the feeder, the screening machine, etc., to form a large and efficient production line, each machine has an electric control cabinet, which controls the switch of each function, especially the large crawler. Stone crusher, remote control, remote control.

This silent and dust-free large mobile stone crusher works silently, but for the sandstone market, its existence is a rock-smelling wave, and many stone factories have been put into production.

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