Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet

Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet

Iron ore beneficiation process

Iron ore mining process equipment refers to ores to go through each job, and finally get in line with the requirements of concentrate smelting production process. Beneficiation process equipment including: ore crusher and vibrating sieve, a ball mill grinding and grading machine grading; sorting of minerals, such as re-election, flotation and electrostatic separation; mineral dehydration, including concentration, filtration , drying and other production processes. Iron ore processing flowsheet includes feeder, crusher, ball mill, classifier, shaker, shaker, magnetic separator, mixing tube, flotation machines and other equipment. The iron ore concentrator for use in mineral composed mainly of magnetite, accompanied by a very small amount of the illusion of hematite, limonite, hematite, cassiterite, occasionally very small amount of harmful sulfide minerals such as sphalerite, pyrite and other non-metallic mineral oblique humite, diopside, magnesium iron spinel.

Iron ore processing flowsheet process: raw ore into the hopper, through the vibration motor vibration material, the quantity can be precisely adjusted by hand wheel. By dragging the magnetic roller speed motor, the speed of the speed table to be adjusted by the governor, can control production and concentrate grade magnetic separator.

Iron ore grain is fed by conveyor belt on the magnetic roller separation, due to the ore mineral particles magnetic, immediately attracted strong magnetic field on the magnetic roller, and gangue grain (miscellaneous stone, sand) due to the non-magnetic (magnetic very weak), magnetic magnetic roller it does not produce suction, with the rotation of the magnetic roller, mineral particles have been attracted to the magnetic roller, and gangue grains in the magnetic roller to the front position when the mine was thrown out at intervals The front plate (mineral plate by changing the partition size of the angle adjustable concentrate grade), mineral particles continue to be brought to the magnetic roller automatically fall into a bucket to collect the anthology ore concentrates finished off when the magnetic zone.

To further reduce the ground, improve the mill grade, beneficiation, after the addition of ultra-finely crushing a closed process. Ultra-crushing process using roll-on-roll mill for 16-0mm ore crushed to 3 ~ 0mm, crack roll extrusion process due to the formation of the sample in favor of grinding dissociation. Mineral by linear sieve, sieve roll after the mineral to the magnetic pulley previously dry tailing, undersize mineral into the wet magnetic separator wet tailing coarse, coarse dry tailings resulting row to Dump field, reducing the output end of the pressure. Coarse magnetic concentrate piped to the main plant mill choice. Ultra-crushing process put into tailing yield of 54.37%, the grinding grade increased from 20.11% to 35.36%, the relative increase iron ore processing flowsheet capacity, saving energy consumption.

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