Copper Ore Grinding Machine

Copper Ore Grinding Machine

The content of copper ore flotation and ease of iron sulfide ore closely. According to the number of sulfide copper ore iron sulfide content divided into two categories, one is dense massive copper ore, one is disseminated copper ore. The former is characterized by a high content of pyrite ore, sometimes up to 80% to 85% gangue content rarely, copper sulfide and iron sulfide minerals dense symbiotic. Such sulphide copper ore in the election of the rest of the tailings material is usually iron sulfide concentrate. If gangue content is higher, it needs to be sorted pyrite, pyrite concentrate obtained. Ore body to the latter as the main gangue minerals, copper sulfide and iron sulfide levels were low, and disseminated distributed gangue. Copper ore, copper ore is mined ore, after beneficiation can become higher copper grade copper concentrate or copper sands, copper concentrate smelting commission need to go through in order to become refined copper and copper products, copper ore types, mainly natural tube, chalcopyrite, copper and iron ore are mainly used in metallurgical industry, metallurgical industry as a raw material.

The Price Of Copper From The Mill

Currently, copper ore grinding machine on the market price level differences between large, one of the main reasons is the copper from the mill equipment is the application of advanced technology. For example, if the application of copper from the mill automation systems, in the research matte copper material, whether fast and efficient. For high yield of copper from the mill, the price will certainly be higher than the price of an ordinary device; if the copper from the mill is still in the traditional technical level, the price will be given on behalf of the consolidated market price. This is the main factor copper mill prices are based on self.

Copper Ore Grinding Machine Production Process

Copper ore grinding machine production process including: crushing, grinding, beneficiation three processes. Crushing process, closed-circuit crushing three sections are the most suitable for modern high hardness copper ore crusher, ore crushing and partial to complete dissociation of the work to improve the follow-up to the grinding efficiency; grinding process, a two-stage grinding is closed efficient grinding process, the grinding of copper can be more fully; beneficiation process, the more successful new technology in recent years has mainly representative flotation process.

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