Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste Crusher

Our company advocates energy-saving emission reduction, volume reduction, recycling of resources to build a green building recycling park as the core concept, the construction waste recycling, and the comprehensive utilization of resources, the production of high-quality recycled aggregate can be applied to concrete, Dry mortar, wall materials, all kinds of blocks, bricks and other building materials, while the plastic pipe, cable, iron and other recycling, wood can be recycled wood, light material combustible material to re-processing Derived fuel, which at a lower processing costs will be turning waste into the construction waste, access to high returns, and truly achieve the sustainable development of the construction industry, thus creating a very considerable economic value and social benefits. At present, all kinds of equipment are available in the traditional construction waste crushing equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc., the complexity of construction waste components, the construction waste crusher requirements of specialization. For example, the construction waste contains steel, is the traditional crusher can not be broken in the production also tend to appear such as steel winding crusher rotor, broken cavity blockage serious, low production efficiency and other issues, to really apply to construction waste, It is also necessary to use a special crusher for construction waste with a shearing device.

Construction waste crusher crawler-type mobile crushing station can achieve multi-level crushing for a crushing, but also to meet the needs of granulation, the host with a steel removal device, improve work efficiency; install intelligent system, The use of dust-free system to achieve the use of dust-free resources; wear-resistant materials cost-effective, life is more than three times the original foreign imports; supporting power small, dual-use, energy saving and environmental protection advantages. Compared with the imported crawler mobile crushing station, heyday group new crawler-type mobile crushing station cost-effective, more suitable for domestic construction waste broken the status quo.

Construction waste recycling refers to the use of construction waste in the production of effective materials and other materials used in the construction of the treatment approach. At present, mainly for the recycled aggregate, recycled brick (block), renewable inorganic mixture, recycled aggregate concrete and mortar. 100 tons of construction waste disposal program is mainly for the site of the environmental protection company tailor-made, the use of the program, both in the back of brick-making equipment, after the broken building waste aggregate brick, can also be recycled Aggregate sales or concrete aggregate.

Construction Waste Crusher

According to the customer investment budget, production, use, etc., can also be used to break the three sections of the crusher, or change into a section for three, to simplify the process to achieve crushing effect, greatly reducing investment costs. At the time of production of 100 tons of construction waste crusher production line, can be continuous automatic processing of construction waste, and can automatically sort, remove the garbage in the steel, plastic, wood chips and other non-building materials to ensure the purity of stone particles.

Our company is the world's leading rock and mineral processing equipment production company, for the construction of waste treatment, the construction of waste damage, especially the construction of waste sites small, mobile construction waste crusher played its leading role in the construction of waste treatment plant SBM Mobile crushing station to play a small footprint, low fuel consumption, low noise, flexible, independent use, functional stability and other benefits.

Construction waste crusher

After the demolition of the building after the demolition of construction waste, the pretreatment, to be able to enter the crusher's particle size, the excavator sent to the vibrating feeder, small waste by the feeder pre-screening after discharge, Crusher crushing, counter-break out of the material belt conveyor placed above the iron, the separation of construction waste in the steel, after the material into the mobile screening station for screening, anise back to break the broken broken cycle, a small material by the belt conveyor To the finished material pile.

In the production of 100 tons of construction waste treatment production line of just a few tens of meters of the conveyor two, one end of the brick, tile, concrete and other construction waste, the other end is connected to the market demand for green brick, from the construction waste To the molding of the green brick only takes 20 minutes, this seemingly simple construction waste recycling production line can be called magic magician.

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