Cement Clinker Processing Plant

Cement Clinker Processing Plant

The role of cement clinker processing plant construction in all walks of life has become increasingly prominent, the demand for cement continues to increase. Students expect from cement clinker production process is like? Cement production process simply, is a two mill burned, namely raw material to go through mining, crushing, grinding and mixing made raw materials, high temperature sintering clinker raw material, clinker and then crushed with gypsum or other Ground become cement admixture together.

Cement Clinker formation process

Cement clinker is a component of limestone and clay component compounds by high temperature calcination mutually made. When coal as fuel have been stored homogenization, broken (or dry), made of pulverized coal grinding reentry kiln. Admixture is depending on species may be, such as granulated blast furnace slag to be after drying, to be pre-crushed gangue, gypsum can be pre-broken. Admixture and gypsum are usually grinding together with clinker, granulated blast furnace slag in recent years tended to separate grinding, because the slag difficult than clinker grinding as hard ground with clinker grinding together, can not give full play to the slag effect. Pursuit of the cause, we need to have the means, have the ability and level. Cement clinker production lines and special processing plant crushing, grinding, drying, cooling equipment, cement production, real, talking about science, about technology, in practice checks and services continue to develop innovative, constantly learning new technology, constantly sum up new experience constantly adapt to the new requirements of cement production.

Cement grinding: cement grinding is the final step of dry-process cement clinker processing production line, but also power up process. Its main function is to cement clinker (and gelling agent, performance tuning materials, etc.) grinding to a suitable size (in fineness, represents the ratio of surface area, etc.), a certain particle size distribution, increasing its hydration area, accelerate the rate of hydration, meet cement slurry coagulation, hardening requirements. Single-stage hammer crusher is suitable for crushing compression strength 150MPa limestone, marl, sandstone, shale, gypsum, coal and other raw materials. It can be a chunk of broken ore stope to size into the mill needs, which can replace the traditional two-stage crushing, simplify the process, save infrastructure investment and production costs. The crusher has great crushing chamber and inlet, suitable for large pieces of ore to successfully enter.

To save money, improve economic efficiency, after careful research analysis, cement clinker processing plant material reason for combating chain plate spinner parts, because: First, hammer wear after its center of gravity position has changed, to no wear side of the offset, that is, after the focus shifted to the reverse direction cuffs on the rotational direction of the hammer, so that the hammer down while the normal deflection direction of the chain plate spinner, which is after the hammer blow cuffs limestone chain plate The main reason spinner. Second, cutting the apron and the position of the crusher chain plate connected at the lower side, rear side, the limestone from the chain plate machine direction of head contact with the hammer falling battered, too much head toward the chain plate cover, that is its point blanking catching rabbits design is not ideal (with the feed roll crusher was not the case).

For cement clinker processing plant problem, we had to consider the following two solutions, one is the chain plate spinner lining thick, lining the original thickness of 20mm to 40mm, this method drawback is weight liner , it is not easy to install, and still bear the material blow, but short construction period. Second, the lower feed slide plate to the center of the rotor to the direction of the shift change blanking point position, so that the material is against the direction of deviation from the chain plate head SBM crusher cavity shift, but this method requires a longer period, construction It requires high quality welding set.

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