Cement Clinker Grinding Process

Cement Clinker Grinding Process

At present, the domestic common grinding handicraft of cement powder include open circuit grinding and closed-circuit grinding system with classifier, and the two kinds of systems are low energy consumption, especially the open circuit grinding system, energy consumption as much as 38. 8 KWH/tons, has become one of the main cost of cement. Reasonable grinding process of renovation, therefore, to reduce its energy consumption has become urgent problems. Here summarized three energy-saving renovation measures of cement clinker grinding process, consult for everybody to learn.

  1. Energy-saving lining board. When the surface of the lining board with appropriate shape and can effectively transfer energy to the grinding body, motion, to produce to meet the requirements in order to improve the grinding efficiency and reduce power consumption.
  2. The new warehouse board. Every warehouse board in grinding up points warehouse, control and adjust the ball material ratio. Such as role play to ideal, can improve the grinding efficiency. Material flow, by every storehouse board to control the position changes, lie between the center of the storehouse board hole can increase 50 ~ 300%, according to need to use adjustable storehouse board insulation power saving nearly 13% on average.
  3. Efficient classifier. Raw cement production, the closed circuit grinding system compared with open circuit grinding system, the range of 20 ~ 30%, energy-saving rate of 15 ~ 25%. Classifier is mill circle flow system, therefore, an important part of, make the material particles in the grading in the air to form a relatively stable accurate classification, using tangent air and eddy current formation system, based on wind speed and air volume balance to achieve efficient classification, low power consumption, high efficiency, low temperature products, the advantages of using effect is good, than a centrifugal separator can power saving 20%.

Cement grinding technology present situation and development trend in modern cement clinker grinding process, the vast majority of the process is still in tube mill as grinding device. At present, the domestic cement pipe mill design has to vertebral 5 m in diameter, yield is more than 150 t/h. International has been designed to job more than 5.8 m large tube mill, used in grinding cement, output capacity more than 200 t/h. The grinding mechanism of tube mill energy transfer process lieutenant general is the use of cylinder rotate to the plate, the plate increase, throwing grinding medium to impact crushing, grinding and grinding materials in finish grinding homework. In the tube mill grinding body shape for the traditional ball and columnar, round ball grinding medium to be ground material impact on the basis of point contact broken, grinding efficiency is low. Especially when the grinding material particle size and size is bigger, easy to grind the difference, tube mill low efficiency, high power consumption of the contradiction is more outstanding.

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