Bentonite Mining Processing Plant

Bentonite Mining Processing Plant

Bentonite mining and processing technology are there? There is no special bentonite mining mill? Our bentonite is mainly distributed in the bentonite after processing can be applied in the field of foundry sand binder, drilling mud, petrochemical, construction, building materials, food, fertilizer, medicine and so on. Because of wide use, the effectiveness of large investment bentonite processing factory more and more, bentonite is how it has been processed flour?

Bentonite mineral distribution are generally more concentrated, centralized raw mineral is bentonite processing enterprises save a lot of costs in favor of bentonite production economies of scale, intensive, meticulous development. Modern technological advances, bentonite has been widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel, feed, cosmetics, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and other industries related products as raw materials or additives. Bentonite huge domestic reserves and huge industry demand determines the huge potential of bentonite milling. With the upgrading of the next level of equipment, bentonite mill will be upgraded into a high value-added complete industrial chain.

To meet the paper, plastics and rubber products industry of bentonite have higher fineness. Bentonite mining processing plant usually choose the European version of the mill, overpressure trapezium mill and vertical mill, etc. grinding. When the bentonite used in various fields need to be prepared as powdery its grinding. For a long time, bentonite mining and processing plants in mostly traditional Raymond mill, ball mill and other equipment, faced with high energy consumption, low efficiency, poor stability, product size is not controllable, pollution, slag difficulty bonding machine easy to plug and other problems. Thus more and more companies turn their attention to the emerging European version mill - can process 20,000 tons of bentonite mining processing plant.

European version of the mill is our company after years of painstaking research and development with international advanced level, with a number of independent intellectual property patents of equipment, low energy consumption, high efficiency, bentonite mining process have also been upgraded. Bentonite mining processing plant, from a homogeneous continuous quantitative feeder into the European version of the grinding mill for grinding interior. After grinding the ore windblown, by classifier classification. In line with the fineness of the powder with the air through the conduit into the cyclone powder collector, separated collection. Finished collected through the discharge port by the delivery device into the silo. By unqualified particle separator after being thrown to the tube wall separation, grinding mill, after falling back along the tube wall. Provided below the mill base slagging, after grinding process produces less waste and some raw materials along the slag discharge port, after iron slag, by the conveying device returns silos, into the mill grinding again. The entire system runs under negative pressure, the system is reliable and stable, dust does not spill, site clean and finished powder quality is guaranteed.

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