S5X Vibrating Screen

S5X Vibrating Screen

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S5X Vibrating Screen adopts the current international design concept and is suitable for various screening operations such as heavy, medium and fine screening. It is an ideal equipment for processing primary and secondary crushed materials, and can also be used for screening finished materials.

Product Features: Fabricated from a complete plate, stronger exciting force, lower noise


The S5X vibrating screen is a device that uses a spring as the supporting elastic element and a block eccentric vibrator as the vibration source to generate the exciting force through the rotation of the eccentric block, so that the screen box will generate a circular reciprocating motion. The material continuously makes an approximate round bounce and roll movement on the inclined screen surface, and through repeated comparison with the sieve hole, the material smaller than the mesh size is sieved, and the material larger than the mesh size is on the sieve surface, thereby completing the screening process.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • The sifter box uses finite element dynamic analysis to ensure that the strength and weight of the design are balanced and the fatigue stress is controlled within a safe range.

  • The drive and the exciter are connected by a flexible transmission for more stable operation.

  • There is no welding spot on the side plate of the sieve machine. The support of the sieve machine is rubber spring. It is equipped with a 400mm long hopper, 25mm thick rubber lining and 5mm beam protection package board to effectively extend the life of the screen.

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