Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

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Raymond mill, also known as Raymond, is a new, highly efficient, using closed-loop high fine powder that can be used instead of a ball mill equipment. The Raymond mill suitable for small and medium mining, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, cement and other industries.

Applications: Metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, mining, pharmacy, cosmetics and other fields
Raymond Mill's Requirements On Materials


SBM Raymond mill production is that the series of Raymond are: blower, finished cyclone, analyzers, air hose, blade, rack, grinding ring, casing, inlet volute and other components. R-type Raymond machine can also be winnowing the material, the material in the Raymond machine host grinding room is the shovel blade and into the crushed grated between the roller and grinding ring, fans will be blown into the host shell powder random blown by the analyzer into the grinding chamber above the sorting, but off the fineness of the material turn into the grinding chamber for grinding again. Fineness qualified with the airflow into the cyclone collector, is finished. Merry by a large cyclone collector back into the upper end of the fan, the air duct is circular, and flows under negative pressure, air volume increased air circulation duct section through the middle of the exhaust fan and the host pipe is discharged into the small cyclone collector, purification deal with.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • Raymond Mill Features

    Raymond machine widely used in barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum, glass, insulation materials Mohs hardness of not greater than 9.3, a high fine powder generation and processing humidity below 6% of non-flammable mineral, chemical, construction and other industries more than 280 kinds of materials, Raymond mill product size 80- 325 mesh of arbitrary regulation, part of the material up to 600 mesh.

  • Raymond Mill Main Structure

    Raymond machine structure mainly by the host, analyzers, blower, finished cyclone, cyclone powder and wind tubes. Wherein the host from the rack, inlet volute, blade, roller, grinding ring, casing components.

Raymond Mill Winnowing Process

After grinding the material, the wind turbine will be entered within the cabinet, blowing powder into the grinding chamber through the top of the analyzer sorting, fine through coarse material falling into the grinding chamber and re-grinding fineness required specifications with airflow into the cyclone collector, collected through a powder discharge port, is finished. Merry by the return air cyclone collector upper end of the tube back into the fan, the air duct is circular, and the flow under negative pressure, air volume air-circulation path of increasing portion by the fan with the host in the middle of the exhaust pipe is discharged into the small cyclone collector , a purification treatment.

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