PF Impact Crusher

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PF Impact Crusher

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The products of PF impact crusher are mostly cubic and uniform in particle size. They are ideal processing equipment for aggregates used in advanced road pavement and hydropower construction. With its excellent performance and good performance, the impact crusher is widely used in highway construction, water conservancy engineering and construction, chemical, coal, coke and other industrial sectors for gravel processing.

Product Features: Integration of latest scientific achievements, heavy-duty rotor with big rotary inertia and high precision, higher crushing efficiency


PF impact crusher working principle

The main working part of the impact crusher is the high-speed rotation with the plate hammer. The steering of the rotor is to make the hammer hammer feed the material from the bottom of the feed port. The rotor of the hammer crusher makes the hammer smooth. The object falls in the direction of the material hitting the material), the material is impacted by the scoop. And was thrown at high speed into the counterattack in the casing, subject to a second impact. Then rebounded from the counterattack board and was hit again by the hammer. This process is repeated as such. During the round-trip impact, the material blocks also collide with each other. As the material is hit by the hammer, the impact of the counterattack and the collision between them. Cracks and loosening occur continuously inside, and finally breakage occurs. When the material block is broken to a gap whose particle size is smaller than the hammer end and the counterattack plate, it is discharged from the gap.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • Multi-cavity is evenly broken, suitable for breaking hard rock.

  • Low feed opening for easy line layout and increased feed size.

  • Fully hydraulic opening for easy maintenance and replacement of consumables.

  • The new wear-resistant material gives the hammer, counter-liner and liner a longer life.

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