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PEW Jaw Crusher

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PEW jaw crusher crushing chamber depth and no dead zone, improve the feed capacity and yield; crushing ratio, uniform particle size. Simple structure, reliable operation and low operating costs. Lubrication system is safe and reliable, easy to replace parts, small maintenance workload. Nesting population adjustment range, can meet the requirements of different users.

Product Features: Automatic hydraulic design, convenient adjustments, simple operations



I plant plans to increase crushing production line, on-line understanding of several crushing machinery manufacturer, decided several manufacturers of these site visits. After the expedition decided to choose SBM, your first big production scale, services are in place. Secondly, according to the actual situation they give us to work out a rational production line. After this PEW jaw crusher production line run for a month, without any fault, because the rational design, improve operational efficiency, let us in a short time to recover the investment cost.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • Stable Structure, Reliable Performance

    SBM uses high-quality steel castings for core load bearing parts of jaw crusher, i.e. moving jaw and bearing block; this technology not only guarantees the perfect fitting and seamless connection of crusher rack, but also enhances the radial strengths of the parts, thus realizing more reliable performance and higher durability of the jaw crusher.

  • Hydraulic Control, Convenient Cavity Clearing

    PEW Jaw Crusher is equipped with the hydraulic oil station to ensure that the lubrication system supplies oil to the lubrication components, providing security for the safe operation of the machine. At the same time, if the crusher shuts down with load, the hydraulic clearing system can quickly clean the crushing chamber, greatly reducing downtime.

  • V-Type Crushing Chamber, Toothed Guard Board

    PEW Jaw Crusher has more reasonable "V" crushing chamber and toothed guard board. By them, the actual size of feeding materials can be consistent with ideal size, which can effectively enlarge the crushing space. Besides, materials wouldn’t pile in the crushing chamber, so the crushing ratio and capacity can reach the optimal status and the utilization of jaw plates could extend.

  • Wedge Device, Convenient Adjustments

    PEW Jaw Crusher adopts a wedge discharging adjustment device, so that the machine can turn the discharge port to a preset value within minutes even under the idling circumstance. In cooperation with the hydraulic system, automation is available. Compared with the old gasket discharging adjustment device, this device is simpler, safer and quicker.

  • Digitalized Processing, Higher Precision

    There are tens of lines of numerical controlling machine tools. Operations such as steel plates’ cutting, bending, planing, milling and paint spraying are all controlled numerically. The machining precision is high, especially for the core parts.

  • Sufficient Supply Of Spare Parts, Worry-Free Operation

    SBM, whose businesses cover production and sales, takes responsibility for every machine produced by ourselves. We can offer customers technical services about products and original spare parts to ensure the worry-free operation.

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