K Track-type Mobile Crusher

K Wheel-type K Track Type

K Track-type Mobile Crusher

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In the actual production operation, there are a large number of ore soil layers that do not need to be broken in the field. If they are not distinguished, not only the rough processing capacity will be increased, but also the power consumption will be increased. The K track-type mobile crusher independent operation combined mobile station does not need to be used. By adding any equipment and cost, these materials can be pre-screened to reduce the amount of rough processing and increase production capacity.

Product Features: Flexible, able to put into production quickly, eco-friendly


The mobile crushing plant combination equipment is based on the main process of sand and gravel processing. After reasonable design, it realizes the integrated combination of various crushing and screening equipments. Through the in-vehicle system or the crawler drive system, the integrated mobile operation function can be realized. The construction site is selected to timely process the materials, which greatly reduces the transportation and processing costs of materials and improves production efficiency.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • Convenient transportation, crawler walking, no damage to the road surface, equipped with multi-functional attachments, wide range of adaptation

  • A typical multi-functional engineering machinery product integrating machine, electricity and liquid. Its compact structure, the overall size of the machine has large, medium and small different models.

  • K track-type mobile crusher adopts all-wheel drive, which can realize in-situ steering, standard configuration, quick change device and perfect safety protection function. It is suitable for narrow and complex areas.

Portable crusher triple combination

For customers with small project scale, the common combination of portable crusher requires high investment cost. Therefore, in view of this, SBM especially launched a portable crushing plant independent three combination. In this way, the requirements for both yield and flexibility can be met.

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