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Based on the design principle of the traditional multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, such as fixed spindle, eccentric sleeve rotation around the spindle and laminating crushing, HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has made some structural breakthroughs. After optimizing the machine, its structure has greatly improved the performance and crushing ability. At the same time, the hydraulic lubrication system of HPT cone crusher not only ensures the stable operation of the system, but also makes the system control more intelligent.

Product Features: Higher crushing ratio, bigger processing capacity, better granularity and shape of finished products


HPT Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher Working Principle

When HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is driven by an electric motor, the drive shaft rotates under the action of pulley and triangle belt. The drive shaft then drives the eccentric sleeve around its axis. At the same time, the eccentric sleeve forces the moving cone to swing. The motion causes the movable and fixed cones to be sometimes near and sometimes away from the rolling wall. In the crushing chamber between the crushing wall and the rolling wall, the material is continuously impacted, squeezed and broken. Finally, when the fineness of the material reaches the discharge standard, the material will be discharged from the machine.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • PLC integrated control system

    HPT hydraulic cone crusher adopts advanced PLC electrical system, which can continuously test the crusher and send an alarm, and display various operating parameters. The operator can know the operation status of crusher in real time. The control system not only simplifies the operation of the production line, saves labor cost, but also reduces operation risk and makes the production line safer.

  • Structural upgrade, higher efficiency

    HPT hydraulic cone crusher retains the unique structure of fixed shaft and eccentric sleeve rotating around the shaft, further optimizing the transmission components, lubrication and sealing structure. Therefore, HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has strong bearing capacity, larger installation power, higher efficiency and lower noise.

  • Lamination principle leads to better size

    HPT hydraulic cone crusher adopts the principle of lamination crushing. The crushing efficiency is not only improved, but also the wear of vulnerable parts is greatly reduced. The finished product is a cube. At the same time, qualified fine particle content is high enough. The finished product can be better used as high quality aggregate.

  • Various cavity types meet various production requirements

    HPT hydraulic cone crusher has a variety of cavities suitable for medium or fine crushing materials. Users can replace a small number of spare parts, such as lining plate, in different cavity free choice, truly realize a variety of USES of the crusher.

  • Digital processing, higher precision

    There are dozens of lines of CNC machine tools. Cutting, bending, planing, milling and painting of steel plates are digitally controlled. High machining accuracy, especially for core components.

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