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HGT Gyratory Crusher

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HGT rotary crusher has international advanced crushing technology and is a new type of intelligent coarse crusher with large capacity and high efficiency.

Product Features: Integration of mechanical, hydraulic, electric, automated and intelligent controlling technologies


HGT gyratory crusher has higher crushing efficiency

HGT rotary crusher integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technologies to give it the advantages that traditional crushing equipment cannot have. Compared with the traditional gyratory crusher, the HGT gyratory crusher has higher crushing efficiency, lower cost of use, easy maintenance and adjustment, and can provide customers with a more efficient and intelligent coarse crushing solution.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • High yield but low cost of crushing

    The capacity of the crusher depends to a large extent on its crushing chamber. The HGT Rotary Crusher features a precision crushing chamber for high productivity, allowing for larger feed sizes and extending the life of the liner. The large dip angle and long broken surface combined with optimized stroke and speed allow the crusher to have superior crushing capacity. The HGT Rotary Crusher meets a wide range of rough crushing requirements. The output can be adjusted simply by replacing the eccentric bushing.

  • Ability to work continuously at high intensity

    The HGT gyratory crusher has a large-size shaft and high-precision bearing integrated with a heavy-duty frame, which undoubtedly has higher strength and longer service life, enabling it to work continuously and safely at high strength. The heavy-duty frame can be adapted to any harsh working environment, while the integral forged shaft and moving cone eliminates the risk of loosening of the cone during operation, further reducing downtime. The locking threads of the moving cone are located on the replaceable shaft bushing rather than on the shaft. In this way, the shaft has no stress concentration and the strength can be higher.

  • Simpler operation and maintenance

    Thanks to the HGT gyratory crusher we are equipped with automatic lubrication and hydraulic systems. The lubrication system automatically selects heating, cooling or circulation depending on the specific production conditions. The configured automatic axis position control system controls the shaft via a hydraulic system. On the one hand, it is free to adjust the opening of the discharge opening and on the other hand to compensate for the wear of the lining. The backlash of the gear can be easily adjusted by the external gear adjustment device. Beam bushings and seals can be replaced without disassembling the beam. When the beam needs to be removed, the user can be equipped with a hydraulic beam splitter.

  • Efficient and intelligent production

    The HGT rotary crusher uses an automatic control system. It is equipped with sensors for monitoring lubrication pressure and temperature, bearing temperature, speed and shaft position, PLC and touch screen. Through these, each production stage can be monitored, displayed and controlled in real time. In addition, the automatic control system can optimize the working parameters of the configuration equipment according to the actual operating conditions to improve production efficiency.

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