F5X Vibrating Feeder

F5X Vibrating Feeder

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The F5X vibrating feeder is designed for overweight. It has a strong vibration strength of 4.5g and an extremely strong sliding groove structure. It has a capacity of 1600TPH, a maximum feed size of 1.5m, a standard feed box capacity of 25 ~ 45m cubed, and can withstand a compartment pressure of 80m cubed to accommodate high compartment pressure, high load and heavy impact during , and other similar harsh conditions during feeding operations.

Product Features: Super-heavy design and 4.5G of strong vibration intensity release better performances.


Working Principle

The F5X vibrating feeder USES an electric motor to drive the eccentric shaft inside the vibrator. The shaft is connected to another shaft juxtaposed with each other by means of gears. When these two axes rotate, an exciting force is generated. The shaft is arranged in such a way that the final stroke slowly pushes the material from the incoming end to the outgoing end. Meanwhile, sift the material to make the particles more even. In general, a strip screen is installed at the discharge end of the F5X vibrating feeder. Through it, select the size of less than the spacing between the two rods of the material, and the larger size of the material transported to the crusher.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • The overweight chute body can withstand high pressure and strong impact

    Unlike traditional feeders, which use 16 # or 20 # beam steel and box iron as the light chute of the longitudinal beam, the overweight chute F5X vibration feeder USES large rectangular tubes that can withstand high cabin pressure and strong impact of falling materials and can feed continuously.

  • The vibration intensity is big, the operation ability is big

    Vibration intensity G force is a key index to measure the performance of the vibration motor. F5X vibration feeder is based on the international leading technology, and adopts advanced design concept and manufacturing technology, with better performance. The vibration intensity is up to 4.5g, which is 30% larger than the traditional equipment. In the same specification, it has greater operational capacity.

  • Reasonable arrangement of rods, effective pre-screening function

    The rod is made of NM wear-resistant steel with long service life and high screening efficiency. Installation is also easy. The trapezoidal structure composed of two sets of rods can screen out some small materials and greatly reduce the load of the primary crusher.

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