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CS Spring Cone Crusher

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CS spring cone crusher is developed by SBM, using the principle and concept of lamination crushing, grinding less. Meanwhile, CS Cone Crusher integrates high swing frequency, optimized cavity shape and reasonable travel. Excellent performance makes it popular with customers.

Product Features: Inheritance of classic designs and innovation of technological researches release excellent performances like stability and high efficiency.


CS Spring Cone Crusher Working Principle

When CS spring cone crusher works under the motor drive, the eccentric sleeve rotates under the joint action of triangle belt, big belt pulley, drive shaft, bevel gear and bevel gear. Then, under the action of the eccentric sleeve, the shaft also begins to rotate. During this time, the broken wall is sometimes near or sometimes far from the rolling wall. This motion forces the material to be continuously impacted, squeezed and destroyed in the crushing cavity between the crushing wall and the rolling wall. Finally, when the fineness of the material reaches the discharge standard, the material is discharged from the machine.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • Reliable performance - classic structural design

    The reason why SBM CS spring cone crusher is so popular at home and abroad lies in its reliability under various working conditions. CS Cone Crusher retains the classical structure, which guarantees the reliability of CS Cone Crusher to the greatest extent.

  • A variety of cavities are suitable for different working conditions

    CS spring cone crusher has two types, namely standard type and short head type; Each type of CS cone crusher is equipped with multiple cavities, so all CS cone crushers are suitable for the intermediate crushing and fine crushing of various rigid materials. A large number of practical applications show that CS spring cone crusher has excellent performance when used in intermediate crushing operations.

  • Lamination principle leads to better discharge size

    CS spring cone crusher adopts the principle of lamination crushing. The crushing efficiency is not only improved, but also the wear of vulnerable parts is greatly reduced. The finished product is a cube. At the same time, qualified fine particle content is high enough. The finished product can be better used as high quality aggregate.

  • Hydraulic lubrication system makes operation easier

    CS Spring Cone Crusher is equipped with hydraulic lubrication system, through which users can easily complete the adjustment of discharge port and cavity cleaning, thus simplifying the daily operation of Cone Crusher. In addition, the system adopts electric cooling and lubricating oil station, which can realize automatic control of the lubrication station and ensure the lubrication and cooling of CS cone crusher during operation.

  • Digital processing, higher precision

    There are dozens of lines of machine tools. Cutting, bending, planing, milling and painting of steel plates are digitally controlled. High machining accuracy, especially for core components.

  • Adequate supply of spare parts, worry-free operation

    SBM's business involves production and sales and is responsible for each machine it produces. We can provide customers with technical services related to products and original spare parts to ensure worry-free operation.

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