CI5X Impact Crusher

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CI5X Impact Crusher

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In order to meet the requirements of high profit, low cost and energy saving, we have developed a new generation of high efficiency coarse, medium and fine crusher. The impact crusher is an ideal upgrading product of traditional crusher.

Product Features: Integration of latest scientific achievements, heavy-duty rotor with big rotary inertia and high precision, higher crushing efficiency


CI5X Impact Crusher Working Principle

The CI5X impact crusher destroys the broken material through impact force. When materials enter the hammer's working area, they can be crushed at high speeds and then thrown onto the impact mechanism above the rotor for another squeeze. Next, the material bounces back from the liner to the hammer's work area. This process is repeated until the material reaches a qualified particle size and exits. Adjusting the clearance between the impact frame and the rotor frame can change the particle size and shape of the finished product. Behind the impact plate are spring safety devices. When the non-breakable material into the crushing chamber, the impact frame will move backwards, from the crusher to discharge the non-breakable material.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • Lean Design For Higher Quality Only

    Through the analysis of many impact crusher technical details and operating conditions, CI5X impact crusher integrated many of the latest scientific research achievements, such as crushing cavity, rotor and regulating device. As a result, crushing operations and maintenance reach a higher level.

  • Higher crushing efficiency

    CI5X impact crusher adopts heavy-duty rotor with high inertia and precision. At the same time, it is equipped with high quality bearings, ensuring the accuracy of the rotor and large holding capacity. Therefore, the material can be completely pulverized. The breakage ratio is larger.

  • Multifunctional hydraulic operating system improves work efficiency

    CI5X impact crusher adopts multi-function hydraulic operating system, with high adjustment accuracy and fast speed. At the same time, the replacement and maintenance of hammer and impact blocks and the adjustment of discharge size become easier, which further reduces labor and time costs.

  • The involute crushing cavity ensures the shape of the finished product

    The involute crushing cavity of CI5X impact crusher is efficient. The material can be crushed many times in the chamber. After crushing, the finished product has a good cube shape and can be better used as high quality aggregate.

  • Digital processing and high precision

    There are dozens of lines of CNC machine tools. Cutting, bending, planing, milling and painting of steel plates are digitally controlled. High machining accuracy, especially for core components.

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