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C6X Jaw Crusher

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All the indexes of C6X jaw crusher show advanced modern technology in structure and production efficiency. SBM's C6X jaw crusher can solve these problems of existing jaw crushers due to low production efficiency, difficult installation and maintenance. At present, C6X jaw crusher is the ideal coarse crusher in the domestic market.

Features: international high standard configuration, fast installation and operation


C6X jaw crusher Working Principle

First, the motor drives the belt and pulley, making the movable clamp move back and forth and up and down around the eccentric shaft. The material is crushed when the movable gripper pushes the movable splint against the fixed splint. When the movable jaws and plates move backward under the action of eccentric shafts and springs, the previously crushed material is discharged from the port under the jaws. When the motor works continuously, the movable clamp can crush or discharge the material periodically, so that mass production can be realized.

  • Performance Characteristics
  • Product Parameters
  • Lean design only provides higher quality

    The C6X jaw crusher has a more reasonable moment of inertia and a larger crushing stroke by optimizing the structure of the equipment, the motion path and speed of the crushing cavity and the movable jaw. It can achieve higher crushing efficiency under the same power consumption, thus providing customers with a higher return on investment.

  • High quality casting ensures reliable performance

    In order to ensure the stable and efficient production in the hard material crushing process, C6X jaw crusher is equipped with high quality casting movable jaw, large eccentric heavy forging eccentric shaft, casting flywheel with high inertia and other core rotating components. High strength integrated cast steel bearing box, strong power, reasonable speed configuration.

  • International top configuration

    High quality raw materials and reliable design can provide sufficient equipment strength and excellent durability of the C6X jaw crusher during the crushing of superhard materials, thus reducing maintenance costs.

  • Easy to maintain

    C6X jaw crusher is lubricated by concentrated grease. Manual or automatic grease lubrication system can be configured according to requirements, which can reduce maintenance difficulty and ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the work site. C6X jaw crusher adopts double wedge regulating discharge port, which can provide mechanical or hydraulic regulation as required, so it can be adjusted more simply and effectively than the traditional bottom plate discharging port.

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