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Ultrafine Mill Wearing Parts

Ultrafine Mill Wearing Parts

Our company is a professional manufacturer of grinding machine equipment. Its production equipment includes micro-powder grinding machine, superfine grinding machine, three-ring four-ring ultrafine grinding machine, micro-powder machine, high-pressure suspension roller mill, high pressure. Mills, suspension rolls, roll mills, high-pressure roll mills, etc. There are many kinds of accessories for these equipments, each of which is important and indispensable, including: grinding rolls, grinding rings, blades, Copper sleeve, lining plate, pin, blade holder, grinding roller shaft, fan blade, blade holder lower plate, skeleton oil seal, sealing ring, duct guard, triangle belt and other accessories. Among them, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are the most important accessories and are also wearing parts.

The grinding roller is the main part of the grinding machine, so the loss of the grinding roller is very large under long-term operation. The ultrafine mill has to change the stick after several months of use. This is well known. The mill roller and disc liner are usually made of high-chromium cast iron or nickel-chromium alloy, and this material often breaks. The damage caused is quite serious, especially the loss of production, it is impossible to estimate. The ultrafine mill grinding roller heat treatment of our company adopts the most advanced domestic treatment methods such as surface nitriding or medium frequency quenching hard chrome plating. Hardness > Above HRC 55 буC, our company has increased the hardness of composite heat treatment (lightening plus medium frequency heat treatment) > HRC 65 бу C or above, or laser quenching on the surface of the roller. The grinding roller is made of high-chromium bimetal alloy. The hardness of the material is greater than or equal to 62, and the wear resistance is good. The service life is 2 times of the material of high manganese steel; 4 times.

The grinding ring of our ultrafine mill equipment has high hardness, good wear resistance and magnetic properties. It is mainly used in the field of powder processing where the product needs iron removal. After normalizing and tempering heat treatment, the mechanical properties of the product are further improved, so that the product not only has good wear resistance, but also further improves toughness.

Our company has a world-class micro-powder grinding machine production base and production line, equipped with intelligent, standardized testing and control laboratories, all products are designed, produced, manufactured and tested in accordance with international quality system standards. When customers visit the domestic production site, our product quality, appearance and enthusiasm have won the praise of customers.

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