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Ultrafine mill more common faults and solutions

Ultrafine mill more common faults and solutions

Summary of common faults of ultrafine mills and solutions

As one of the more popular milling equipments, the ultrafine mill has been recognized by the users. However, the smooth operation of the ultrafine grinding machine directly affects the production of the ore mill. Benefits, so it is necessary to properly maintain and maintain the milling machine. Mastering some common faults and solutions of ultrafine grinding machines is to help users fully understand the best magic weapon of ultrafine grinding machine. Below we summarize some for the majority of users. What are the common faults of the ultrafine mill and their solutions.

First of all, the most common one is the bearing wear failure of the ultrafine mill. The reason for the wear of the ultrafine mill bearing is that the friction is increased and the wear is caused by the impurities in the bearing; the other is that the bearing is too heavy. , causing friction to increase, resulting in wear; the last reason is because the lubrication of the bearing is not in place. To solve the above three problems, it is first necessary to lubricate the bearings from time to time. The purpose of lubrication is mainly to reduce the frictional force generated when the bearings and other components move with each other, thereby avoiding the bearing wear failure; in addition, when the bearing load exceeds a certain value Or after fatigue use, the user needs to replace it in time, and be careful not to let the machine run fatigued. Also, because the working environment of the ultrafine grinding machine is rather harsh, some impurities will be infiltrated into the bearing, and the user needs to do it in time to clean the bearing, time the lubrication, and do the sealing work.

After the fault of the bearing is solved, the next step is that the ultrafine mill will have vibration failure during the production process. There are three reasons for this problem, which may be because the high-hardness material enters the milling cavity of the machine, thus making the ultrafine mill vibrates and makes a loud noise. To solve this problem, you need to control the type of material entering the grinding chamber to eliminate the fault. Second, because the feed particle size is too large, when the particle size of the material entering the machine grinding chamber is too large, the energy consumed by the machine to grind the bulk material increases, so a larger grinding force is required to grind the material, and when When the force exceeds the power that the machine can withstand, it will inevitably cause vibration of the product, and because the material is broken and the powder will make a sound, there will be a strong sound, but the sound will last for a short time, so You don't have to care too much. Thirdly, it is related to whether the machine is fixed or not. We all know that the ultrafine mill is cast on the concrete foundation by cement, such as the base and bolts. If the fixing method is cracked or the bolts are loose, it will also cause The machine vibrates with the sound, and to solve this problem, it is only necessary to reinstall the machine and recast the concrete foundation.

Another problem is also common, that is, the problem of excessive temperature of the ultrafine mill. To solve this problem, first check whether the extension pipeline is unblocked, whether the viscosity and grade of the oil meet the requirements; the grinding roller device should be refueled in time according to the regulations, clean regularly, and replace the oil seal; the bearings of the grinding roller should be refueled regularly.

The common problems of ultrafine grinding machines are the above. Users can use the right medicine to help the ultrafine grinding machine to maintain the best working condition and create higher economic benefits.

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