Date:2019-02-28 16:55:07

The reason why the crusher does not start up

The reason why the crusher does not start up

What are the reasons why the crusher does not start up?

A set of high-quality crushers is also very large in daily workload. For the long-term better work of the crusher, the metal crusher should be regularly repaired. Today, I will introduce the common problems that occur in the crusher, and how to deal with the reason why the normal boot does not start.

1. When the crusher is turned on, it is necessary to check whether the bottom power supply, plug, power cord has no oxygen drop, and the outer skin has no break marks. If not, plug the power cord to turn on the power test machine.

2. When the motor is not energized, when the object is lightly rotated and the wheel can be rotated, it can be concluded that the capacity of the two starting capacitors inside the crusher motor is invalid. In this case, it is recommended to replace the starting capacitor before you can try again.

3. There is also a case where the normal energized motor does not rotate and can be rotated by external force. However, when the motor emits a current sound, it may be caused by a slight leakage of the starting capacitor. If the current is too loud and the motor cannot start, it is determined that the starting capacitor is short-circuited (the motor coil is short-circuited and needs to be repaired by a professional). If there is no professional instrument, you can remove the capacitor and insert the two leads into the neutral and firewire jacks to charge the capacitor. Finally, remove and discharge the two leads. If a discharge spark is emitted and there is a "beep" sound, the capacitor is charged and can be used; if the spark and the sound are weak, the capacity of the capacitor is reduced, and a new capacitor can be replaced or a small capacitor can be added. Do not use this method if the capacitor is shorted, and replace it with a new capacitor of the same specification. The metal crusher can be used normally.

If you encounter the crusher does not start up, in order to avoid delays, you can find the reason or call us first. It is really unclear what causes the startup to start.

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