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Semi-Mobile Crusher

Semi-Mobile Crusher

Introduction: We know that production equipment can be divided into mobile and fixed, but there is actually a semi-mobile production equipment. Here we will introduce the crusher as an example, what is a semi-mobile crusher.

Take the crusher as an example to illustrate that this kind of equipment has mobile and fixed type, but there is also a type that is widely used in various industries, so it is semi-mobile. For this type, many customers do not understand, here Just to introduce what the semi-mobile crusher refers to.

The so-called semi-mobile crusher refers to its mobile performance due to the fixed type of machine, but it is inferior to the mobile machine, and it can be regarded as a kind of mobile equipment, but this kind of machine can not move by itself, and needs to be moved with the help of the trailer. It can also be opened to the material site for work. It also has the advantage of not requiring installation and saving material transportation. The machine is also divided into coarse crushing, medium fine crushing, and can complete the different needs of material crushing.

It can be seen from the above analysis that the semi-mobile crusher combines the advantages of fixed and mobile machines and plays an important role in the semi-continuous mining of large open pit mines. Its components mainly include feedstock, mainframe and row. There are three parts, among which the choice of the main machine is large. According to the different production requirements, you can choose either the jaw crusher or the cone crusher. Of course, the counter-breaking, sand making machine is also a good choice. The machine can be used to complete the production needs.

What is a semi-mobile crusher?

As can be seen from the above introduction, the semi-mobile crusher refers to a crushing machine that can be moved with the help of a trailer. It is a combination of fixed equipment and mobile equipment, and has a good advantage in production. There are three main components: feeding, mainframe and discharge. The main machine can be selected according to the needs of production, which is very convenient.

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