Date:2019-06-03 14:29:39

Maintenance of Ultrafine Mill

Maintenance of ultrafine mill

Trilogy of how to maintain the ultrafine mill

The ultrafine mill that stops work during the holiday period should be put back into production. Let it be treated first, let him do a maintenance first, let the whole body "blood" boil, we will announce you super Trilogy of fine powder maintenance. The first part: change it, the old one does not go, the new one does not come. Everyone likes to wear new clothes and string relatives in the New Year. The ultrafine mill is waiting for the call, in order to start the work smoothly in the future, please replace the defective parts in time. Because the weather is cold and cold during the holiday period, the equipment will be greatly affected in the open environment, such as rust, cracking, falling off, loosening and so on.

The second part: The protection is well protected, don't wait until you lose it before you regret it. In addition to the sliding bearings for the main shaft, the ultrafine grinding machine uses rolling bearings for the other rotating parts, which must be operated under good lubrication conditions. The fueling control is twice in each shift, and the position of the oil cup is at the upper end of the plum blossom stand. If it is not found, consult the after-sales. Spindle base bearings, fan bearings, grinding roller bearings, etc., every 5 days, add 5# calcium-based grease once with a grease gun. Analytical machine bearings should be dismantled and cleaned once every two months, adding 5# calcium-based grease. Guaranteed lubrication is an essential part of the ultrafine mill, this step must be done.

Part III: ultrafine mills also need to change clothes. The winter cold wave will break the paint cover on the surface of the equipment, so after the holiday, you should re-examine and fill the rusted position. If you have the conditions, you can try to change it from top to bottom. Paint, but this is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but the benefits are also great. Users need to do what they can.

The above is the trilogy of the ultrafine mill after the New Year. Of course, only these three aspects can not complete the production, and more preparation is needed.

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