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Vertical Roller Mill Hydraulic System

Vertical Roller Mill Hydraulic System

LM series vertical mill working principle

The mineral raw material enters the center of the grinding disc through the lock air feeding device from the feeding port, and the grinding disc is rotated by the main machine and the speed reducer, and the material is smashed to the periphery of the grinding disc under the action of the centrifugal force field and is repeatedly crushed by the grinding roller. Complete the crushing process.

The pulverized material overflows from the edge of the grinding disc, and the powder material is taken up from the high-speed airflow rising from the lower part of the machine. When the rising airflow and the powdery material pass through the classifier of the upper part of the mill, the rotor is in a state of rapid rotation, and is thick. Powder and fine powder are classified. The coarse powder is separated and dropped into the center of the grinding disc to be re-grinded, and the fine powder is ground from the upper part of the mill with the air flow to complete the collection process of the qualified materials. The material that does not meet the fineness requirement is returned to the mill feed port by the externally circulated bucket elevator after overflowing the grinding disc, and enters the mill to re-accept the grinding roller and the grinding disc powder together with the newly fed raw material. Grinding process.

In order to greatly improve the quality of the finished material, the LM series vertical mill passes hot air into the mill, and the material with higher water content is dried in contact with the hot air flow during the grinding, powder selection and flow, thereby Achieve a multi-functional grinding process.

LM series vertical mill performance advantages

  1. 1. LM series vertical mill has strong adaptability to large-scale and small-scale production processes, simple equipment structure and high degree of automation of operation process.
  2. 2. Multi-head sorting machine improves the precision of powder selection, uniform product fineness and high efficiency of powder selection, which is suitable for the processing of ultra-fine powder.
  3. 3. The trend of energy saving and emission reduction is obvious. Compared with the traditional vertical mill, the LM series vertical mill has a large external circulation ratio, which can reduce the hydraulic system power consumption by about 20%.
  4. 4. The equipment structure is reasonable and the degree of wear is low. In order to extend the service life of the vertical mill, the vertical mill grinding roller adopts high wear-resistant material, and the grinding roller and the grinding disc are not in direct contact with the production process.
  5. 5, vertical mill products in high cost performance, single machine to achieve crushing, milling, grading, drying, is a cost-effective milling equipment.
  6. 6, LM series vertical mill closed production vertical roller mill hydraulic system can be arranged in the open air, saving civil construction costs for customers.
  7. 7, the vibration is small, the noise is low, and the negative pressure operation has no dust.
  8. 8. The equipment is stable in operation, and the maintenance is simple in the later stage. The maintenance of the grinding roller can be turned out of the machine body without affecting the normal production line operation.

Stable vertical mill bed

The stable material bed is the guarantee for the normal production of the vertical mill and the grinding of the standard materials. In the equipment commissioning stage, the relationship between the mill and the mill output should be found according to the thickness of the material layer. The thickness of the layer is closely related to the fineness and yield of the finished material. The thicker grinding efficiency of the layer is too thick, and the layer is too thin to cause vibration. There is a simple operation code here. When the rolling pressure is increased, the fine powder is generated, the material layer will be thinner; the rolling pressure is reduced, the grinding disc material becomes thicker, the corresponding materials are returned, the material layer becomes thicker, and the coating layer is adjusted. The thickness can be changed correspondingly by the size of the roll. In addition, the wind speed in the vertical mill can also play a role in stabilizing the bed. The wind speed in the mill is increased, the internal circulation is increased, the material layer is thickened, the wind speed is reduced, the internal circulation is reduced, and the material layer is thinned. Under normal circumstances, the normal bed thickness is 40~50ram. For more information about the vertical mill, please ask our online customer service.

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