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Vertical Mill Maintenance

Vertical Mill Maintenance

How to change the number of inspections of the vertical mill

Guide: The maintenance of the vertical mill is mainly to ensure the smooth operation of the production, but the maintenance costs cost and time, so we need to change the number of inspections of the machine, then how to change?

When the vertical mill is working, due to the working conditions and principles, its parts will be subject to certain wear and tear. In order to extend the life of these parts and ensure the smooth operation of the machine, we need to repair it. However, in the maintenance process of the vertical mill, we need to spend time and cost, so the number of inspections is not conducive to the efficiency of production, then how do we change the number of inspections?

To change the number of inspections, it is necessary to change the frequency of damage during production. Therefore, when using it for vertical mills, the problems we need to pay attention to are the standardization of operation and the precautions for maintenance when using. To analyze in detail, change the main reasons for the number of inspections.

First of all, at the time of work, the operator should always pay attention to the working state of the vertical mill. Here mainly refers to the operation of the motor and dust removal equipment of the machine, as well as the uniformity of the finished product, the particle size, etc., and then pay attention to observe In the case of abnormal situations such as noise and vibration, it is also necessary to pay attention to the production of other machines that are matched with the vertical mill, such as the speed of feeding of the feeder, etc., which also affect the production process. These aspects need to work. Detailed observation of personnel, when problems are encountered, timely solution to avoid causing large failures, which can reduce the number of times the vertical mill needs to be repaired to a certain extent.

Followed by the maintenance work, because the vertical mill is subject to some wear and tear in the grinding process of the material, which will affect its service life, in order to extend the service life of the parts, and also to ensure the production. Smoothly, we need to maintain the vertical mill. This means that when working, it is necessary to check the wear of each component in time. In order to reduce the degree of wear, we should pay attention to the lubrication work, then to the vertical mill. The motor, dust collector and other components of the machine should be cleaned in time to avoid dust accumulation and blockage, so as to ensure the smooth progress of production as much as possible.

The article mainly introduces how to change the number of inspections of the vertical mill when it is working. The above is mainly through two aspects of analysis. First, when using, the operator observes the working state of the machine. Second, when using, we are carrying out the maintenance work of the vertical mill. These two aspects can be used to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, so as to reduce the occurrence of faults in production and reduce the maintenance. frequency.

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