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Vertical Mill Grinding Roller Wear

Vertical Mill Grinding Roller Wear

Causes of wear of vertical mill rolls

Guide: In the process of using the vertical mill, the grinding roller and the wear-resistant lining will wear out. This phenomenon causes the production of the vertical mill to be affected, so it is necessary to find out what kind of wear is the cause. And elimination methods.

The wear of the vertical mill is due to its working principle, because it relies on the grinding action of the grinding roller to cause the material to be pulverized, so the wear at the grinding roller is very serious.

Vertical mill grinding roller wear mechanism: vertical mill grinding roller body and wear-resistant lining plate in the process of use, due to roller crushing pressure, material supporting force, frictional resistance between material and grinding roller liner; The combined effects of the shearing stress of the grinding roller, the hydraulic system pressure of the roller mill, and the apparent compressive stress of the vertical mill due to the angle of the material. These forces are all applied to the effective rolling zone of the vertical mill grinding roller. Once the matching clearance occurs, impact collision will occur between the body and the lining plate, which will increase the wear between the body and the lining plate, and cause cracks in the lining plate in severe cases. Even breaking, causing the lining to fall off, the machine is damaged, especially the damage of the reducer, causing a malignant event.

When such a wear phenomenon occurs, the general repair method is difficult to solve, and the disassembly, welding repair, and machining time-consuming and laborious, so that the downtime of the vertical mill is greatly prolonged, bringing irreparable huge economic losses to the enterprise. In view of the above problems, it has been proposed to use polymer composite materials for rapid repair of roller wear in vertical mills. The special materials have been successfully solved with excellent mechanical properties and good plasticity.

This solution not only extends the service life of the vertical mill, increases productivity, but also avoids the secondary possibility of this problem while taking up no additional downtime, providing a guarantee for safe and continuous production. . However, such materials are expensive, so in normal use, the operator can extend the service life of the vertical mill through some minor maintenance, and inadvertently saves the customer a huge cost.

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