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Vertical Mill For Milling And Chemical Industry

Vertical Mill For Milling And Chemical Industry

Guide: The vertical mill developed by the company can be used in many kinds of ore milling industry and chemical industry production. This article is for you to introduce to these industries, and hope to help your grinding production.

In modern industrial production, many industries are inseparable from the use of mineral powder. In the mineral powder, the materials commonly used are limestone powder, talc powder, barite powder, calcite powder, etc., which are crushed. After grinding, it can be used in the vertical mill to produce industrial putty powder, calcium carbonate powder, etc., because the domestic industry is developing rapidly, coupled with the rapid development of the construction industry in the past decade, the market of these mineral powders The demand is great, so we need to produce a large amount of mineral powder.

In the production of mineral powder, because the hardness of the ore is relatively high, we generally use specific vertical mill equipment to grind ore to obtain ore powder. There are many kinds of vertical mill series, and this paper is developed for the company. The vertical mill is for your brief introduction.

The vertical mill developed by the company is a kind of mechanical equipment with a wide range of uses. The reason for this is mainly because of the following reasons: There are many kinds of materials that can be ground in this product. The ore materials mainly include calcite and phosphate rock. Talc, fluorite, feldspar, quartz graphite, etc., and in high hardness ore, this product can also grind slag. In addition, in the development of this vertical mill, in order to meet the market demand, we have developed the corresponding coal mill. To meet the market demand for pulverized coal; because this product can grind a variety of ore materials, in addition, the ore grinding material obtained by grinding after the mill is roughly between 80 mesh and 400 mesh. That is, the fineness range of the finished product is relatively large, so this expands the application range of the product in various industrial fields, so its use is relatively wide.

The vertical mill developed by the company adopts the vertical structure, that is, the machine integrates ore crushing, grinding, grading, powder selection, etc., which can effectively save the space of the milling production line, save the production site, and save In addition, the structural design of the accessories in the vertical mill is relatively reasonable, the material and toughness of the parts are relatively good, so the machine's post-maintenance and maintenance costs are relatively low, so it is more popular with users.

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