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Vertical Mill Bearing Temperature Rise Reason

Vertical Mill Bearing Temperature Rise Reason

Guide: When the vertical mill is working, the phenomenon that the bearing temperature rises will cause the working efficiency of the equipment to be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the cause of this phenomenon and solve it in time. Here is to introduce the phenomenon that caused this phenomenon. What is the cause of the problem.

The bearing is one of the core parts of the vertical mill. Its failure will cause the equipment to decrease in efficiency and reduce the life. Therefore, it is very important for the maintenance of the part and the timely resolution of the fault. Here we introduce it. At the time of work, the phenomenon of the temperature rise of the part is caused by what causes the problem. For the working process of the vertical mill, the phenomenon of the bearing height and height will be caused, mainly due to three reasons: the lubrication problem, the bearing and the bearing seat are too loose or too tight, and the bearing height is inconsistent. Here is an analysis of these three aspects:

1. Lubrication, when working in a vertical mill, lubrication is mainly to protect the bearings and other parts, reduce the wear and tear in the production, extend the service life, but if the oil is too much, it will cause poor heat dissipation. In this way, when the equipment is working, the heat will not be emitted, and the phenomenon of high temperature will occur. If the lubricating oil is too small, the friction of the parts will increase, and the temperature will rise. The solution is to add lubricating oil in a reasonable amount, and regular quantitative lubrication, which is more conducive to the working process of the equipment;

2. In the interior of the vertical mill, if the bearing and the bearing seat are too loose or too tight, the bearing will be affected. If the tightening is too tight, the bearing wear will be intensified. If it is too loose, the bearing will overheat. The solution to this phenomenon is to remove the bearing and reassemble it;

3. In the interior of the vertical mill, if the height of the bearing is inconsistent, or the rotor of the motor is not in the same direction as the rotor of the equipment, the bearing will have an additional impact, which will cause the bearing temperature to be too high. The solution to this phenomenon is Timely shutdown, inspection to prevent early damage of the bearing.

The article mainly introduces the question of why the temperature of the vertical mill bearing will rise. For the introduction of this problem, the above analysis is more detailed, mainly in three aspects, the impact process of these three aspects, and its solution. The specific methods, the detailed analysis is given above, through these analysis, it can be found that the reasonable and standardized operation and installation of the equipment at work is an effective solution to ensure the smooth progress of its production.

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