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Ultrafine Mill Product

Ultrafine Mill Product

How to solve the problem of too coarse particles in ultrafine mill products? The mill is the key equipment for the material to be crushed and then pulverized. It can be used for dry grinding of various ores and other grindable materials. ultrafine grinding machine is the most widely used one of the small and medium-sized milling machines at home and abroad. This type of grinding machine is simple and convenient, its performance is stable and reliable, and it is very popular in the milling market. Widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal dressings and glass ceramics. The ultrafine mill is suitable for grinding various ores and other materials and is widely used in mineral processing. , building materials and chemical industries.

The application of the ultrafine mill is so extensive that some problems of one kind or another will inevitably occur during the process of use. The sudden thickening of the finished product of the ultrafine mill product may be a problem that many users have encountered, resulting in the grinding of the powder mill. The thick factors are numerous and complex. Once the finished product is found to be thick, the accident phenomenon should be carefully analyzed to find out the cause of the roughening of the finished product, so that countermeasures can be taken in time to ensure the quality of the finished product and smooth production. Common causes of coarse grinding products are usually the following:

First of all, due to improper installation or poor material in the installation process of the ultrafine mill, the blades are damaged, resulting in coarser grain size. Secondly, the lock damper is clogged, and the coarse powder after the powder selection enters the fine powder area from the return air blade, causing the finished product to become thick. Eventually it may be that the air volume of the fan is not appropriate. The blade mode of the analyzer and the analyzer are severe and cannot be used for analysis. So how to solve these reasons? The following is a solution that our engineers have summarized for you. I hope to help you.

The first is the host speed. The reducer and motor of the ultrafine mill product are connected by the mill fitting coupling, and the speed can be adjusted by adjusting the current of the motor. Followed by the fan speed. For lighter materials, if the wind is too large, the powder that does not meet the fineness requirements will be blown into the powder collector. Conversely, if the material has a large specific gravity, the wind will be too small, which will affect the discharge. The speed of the fan directly affects the size of the wind and is also an important factor. Finally, the degree of wear of the grinding ring is included. When the ultrafine mill is in normal operation, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are not in direct contact. As the use time increases, the wear degree of the grinding roller is also increased, and the material cannot be fully ground and dried. The fineness of the finished product will be affected and the coarse particles will increase. There is also the analysis machine blade. A large number of blades are installed inside the analyzer, which are distributed in the shape of the sun. After a period of use and wear, the blades will directly affect the efficiency of the analyzer. The coarse powder passes through the analyzer and enters the dust collector. An important cause of excessive coarse powder in the finished product.

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