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Stone Sand Making Machine Wearing Parts

Stone Sand Making Machine Wearing Parts

The feed size is too large: the feed size exceeds the large particle size that the stone sander can withstand, and the stone sander is overloaded. Solution: Strictly control the feeding size of the sand making machine, and must not exceed the larger value allowed by the equipment; the impeller flow path has obstacles, so that the sand making machine does not evenly oscillate. Solution: Remove the obstacles on the impeller flow path and often clean and maintain the crushing chamber of the sand making machine.

The wearing parts of the stone sand making machine are seriously worn, and the internal vibration of the manufacturing machine is unbalanced. Solution: Regularly maintain the sand making machine to check the wear of each component. Replace consumables and balance the internal impeller of the sand making machine.

In daily production operations, stone sand making machines will inevitably encounter various problems. Once the sand making machine fails, it will affect production efficiency and affect economic benefits. More commonly, if the stone sand making machine is not stable and the vibration is large, when these phenomena occur, it can be solved as described above.

The bearings of the stone sand making machine have their own speed range, and the bearing itself has its own limit speed, depending on the size type and structural characteristics. If the bearing exceeds its own speed, the bearing temperature will rise and the lubricant will not be able to achieve lubrication. In more serious cases, the bearing may get stuck.

When selecting a stone sanding machine bearing, first determine the size of the bearing, select the rolling bearing according to the size of the shaft, the larger shaft generally uses roller bearings, and the smaller shaft uses ball bearings. In addition, the bearings of stone sand making machines can only withstand deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or needle bearings when subjected to radial loads.

When selecting a stone sander bearing, first determine the load of the sander bearing. If the load is relatively large, use a roller bearing. When the bearing load is small or medium load bearing is made of carburized steel or bainite quenching.

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