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Stone Crusher Equipment Price

Stone Crusher Equipment Price

Why do users generally choose a complete set of crusher equipment? What equipment is included in a set of crushers.

First of all, so many users choose a set of crusher equipment and the stone properties are related to the finished product specifications. Generally, if you want to break a hard rock into high quality pebbles or sand, you have to go through several steps and need to use it accordingly. Equipment, such as feeders that feed raw materials into the crushing chamber of the crusher, crushers that break the stones into small particles, sieve the mixture into sieves of different specifications, etc., these equipments work together to produce satisfactory Sand aggregate. Generally, a set of crusher equipment is a more suitable production line for the technical manager of the manufacturer to integrate multiple situations. Even if it is a novice, it does not matter, and it is convenient and efficient to use.

A set of equipment includes which equipment has also been mentioned above, such as feeding system, gravel system, screening system, etc. Here, we will elaborate on the gravel system, which is the core machine of a set of equipment, for different Stones are handled by different equipment. The commonly used equipment is as follows:

  1. Head stone crusher equipment: jaw crusher, mainly used for large stones, often used as the head equipment of the production line, its feeding port can swallow 1500 mm stone for coarse crushing materials;
  2. Secondary gravel equipment: counter-crushing stone crusher and cone crusher, one of them can be selected. The impact-crushing crusher is mainly for soft materials. The cone crusher is mainly for hard materials, often used after the head stone crusher equipment. Medium broken material;
  3. Three-stage gravel equipment: impact crusher, which has a small feed port, often followed by medium crushing equipment, crushing medium crushed material into fine material, used to produce sand with a particle size of several millimeters, used for finely crushed materials. ;
  4. One-time crushing equipment: heavy hammer type crusher, its big feature is that the production line is relatively short, one equipment can reach two equipments, and the stone can be broken into aggregate without the assistance of the head stone crusher equipment;
  5. Mobile crushing equipment: mobile crusher, in fact, it is a set of gravel equipment, which is a mobile production line. This is a new type of equipment that has been introduced in recent years. It uses all the equipment needed for crushed stone. Back on the body, do not need infrastructure, with the purchase and use, directly open to the gravel field to work.

Set of crusher equipment prices

Above we have learned what equipment is included in a set of crusher equipment and the common stone crusher. The cost of the crushed stone equipment is the sum of the value of the complete set of equipment, but the price of each set of equipment is not the same, because The influence of various factors will result in the configuration of a variety of complete sets of crusher equipment, and the price of the different configurations will cause price differences.

The properties of the broken material are different

Some users crush large pieces of soft materials, then it is more suitable to use the smashing type crusher and the counter-crushing machine. Some users crush the large pieces of hard materials, then the smashing machine and the cone crusher are suitable. The general cone crusher is more expensive than the counter crusher, so the price of the two sets of crusher equipment is different.

Different user sizes

Different users have different sizes, which means that the models of the devices are different. Generally, the output of large models is high, the output of small models is low, and the cost of large-scale equipment manufacturers is high, which brings more profits to users. Its price will of course be higher, which is no different from what we usually buy other items. If the same location, dozens of flat houses must not be compared with hundreds of flat houses.

Is it a fixed gravel device or a mobile gravel device?

Generally, the fixed gravel equipment is relatively cheap, suitable for the application of fixed stone yards, and the function of the mobile crusher is more, and the realization of these functions requires the manufacturer to invest more cost, and its price is also quite expensive, suitable for the place. The use of stone plants that change frequently.

In summary, how much is the cost of the crusher equipment, here is not to tell you exactly, if you want to know the specific price, you can consult the online customer service free of charge, here is a professional technical manager to configure a set of crusher equipment production plan for you.

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