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Slag Powder Grinding In India

Slag Powder Grinding In India

Slag mill production

Slag powder grinding smooth operation, good performance , products, large surface area, high yield, a lot of customers to meet production requirements , are described commissioning should pay attention to the problem of milling machines, technology and front-line staff hope the relevant enterprises there will certainly help in India.

Slag powder mill equipment

  1. System installation has two pairs of roller, two smaller auxiliary rollers for extrusion crushed slag , the main slag powder grinding mill for fine slag . This form allows grinder running stable , minimal vibration , in the case of very small amounts of water spray to stabilize the material layer , reducing the slag powder grinding mill due to vibration stop jumping failure probability .
  2. System combines baking, milling , the powder process as a whole, hot air and circulating air through the duct into the symmetrical distribution within the mill, edge milling edge drying, drying device without additional settings , high milling efficiency.
  3. In order to save fuel consumption , part of the vertical mill waste gas is recycled , saving fuel and air temperature monitoring system is automatically controlled.
  4. In the new two-way system, the two combined for angular pressing roller and two auxiliary rollers makes the main roller case of an emergency , auxiliary rollers can be temporarily converted into work rolls .

Matters to note slag differential production systems

  1. Closely monitor the slag powder grinding mill inlet and outlet pressure changes and a stable supply of raw materials, as far as possible to avoid water residue library junction blocking material or fallen arches caused by slag grinding material feeding inadequate or excessive feeding , to prevent "air grinding" or " too full grind . "
  2. Closely monitor changes in air temperature and export mill grinding to prevent hot air temperature and air volume due to the production of abnormal stove system produced major changes occurred in the mill volatile conditions and integrated chain reaction.
  3. When the sealing pressure appears insufficient , the main gear bearing temperature , excessive vibration grinding , tension pressure can not hold pressure and other major faults must stop grinding . Monitoring should be noted that in peacetime mill main bearings , roller bearings , main gear bearings, main motor bearings and bag filter exhaust fan bearing temperature.
  4. When an accident occurs , you should first determine the cause of the malfunction occurs , the impact on the production process and device security , and troubleshooting the estimated time. Then according to the severity of primary and secondary, to be the first stand-alone parking , and then grouped parking , the principle was finally forced to deal with parking system .

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