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Silo Maintenance Of Vertical Mill

Silo Maintenance Of Vertical Mill

Guide: In the vertical mill work, all the parts need to be maintained. We also introduce more about its maintenance work, but it is generally the maintenance of the core parts of the grinding roller ring, like the silo. The maintenance of this type of parts, we rarely introduce, this article is specifically to introduce this problem.

The maintenance work of the vertical mill requires not only many maintenance work, but also the meticulous maintenance. The purpose of the maintenance is to extend the service life of the equipment and make the production more smoothly. Its maintenance is not only the core components such as bearings and grinding rings. Maintenance, as well as the maintenance work of the silo, we are here to introduce how to maintain the silo.

The silo, as its name implies, is a component for storing materials. During the working process of the vertical mill, after the material is ground, it is discharged from the discharge port and then collected through the silo. The impact on the production is relatively small, mainly for processing. After the finished product has an impact, it will directly cause the final benefit of the production line to change, so for it, we also need to carry out some necessary maintenance, then what kind of maintenance does this storage tool need to carry out?

The vertical mill is a regular overhaul, because the part is used to store materials, but due to the viscosity, humidity, etc. of the material, there is also a problem of blockage. If it is blocked, the subsequent materials cannot enter the silo. There will be a discharge port, which is likely to cause clogging inside the foundry mill. Therefore, regular maintenance is to prevent this phenomenon from happening and to avoid the decrease in efficiency and the quality of the finished product;

Cleaning operation

The second point is the cleaning operation, which is also required to be carried out on a regular basis, especially when producing materials with high humidity and viscosity, the cleaning cycle is shorter, otherwise the viscosity of the material will be caused, resulting in blockage and high humidity. If it may cause rust, reduce its service life and increase the input cost of the vertical mill production line;

Change the silo design mechanism

The third point is to change the silo design mechanism, change the square type to a round table type, and reduce the angle of the mining, so as to ensure the smooth circulation of materials under the action of gravity during the production process of the vertical mill;

The article mainly introduces the problem of how to maintain the silo of the vertical mill when it is used. The above is mainly introduced from three aspects, how to analyze the importance of the silo in production. Introducing us We need to pay attention to the use and maintenance of this part to help the production process more smoothly.

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