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Sand And Gravel Processing System Features

Sand And Gravel Processing System Features

It is important to determine a sandstone system of a reasonable size based on the condition of the stockyard and the performance of the equipment. It can avoid the troubles caused by the capacity increase design after the construction due to the inability to meet the engineering needs. The sandstone processing system composed of 5X sand making machine, hydraulic cone crusher and mobile crushing plant is used for high-speed road sand aggregate supply.

Equipment simplifies the production process and obtains good economic benefits

The sandstone processing system equipment is fully produced, and the mechanical equipment and electrical control equipment are all newly developed products, which provide tools for the processing technology. The traditional sand and gravel processing system is in the form of multi-stage crushing and sand making. The system covers a large area and the mechanical arrangement rate is high. At the same time, it also needs a large labor force, which has seriously hindered the survival and development of the enterprise and faced fierce competition. In the hydropower construction market, with the rapid development of science and technology in various industries, under the premise of product quality and meeting the construction needs, it is imperative to optimize the system design, especially to enter the international hydropower market.

The sandstone processing system draws on other engineering experience and boldly adopts new equipment. Based on the construction intensity of the project peak period, the traditional three-stage crushing is optimized into two-stage crushing, and a segmented closed loop is adopted, that is, medium crushing and screening. Closed loop, sand making and inspection screening closed loop. In the second stage crushing process, the opening of the equipment discharge opening can be adjusted according to the production schedule of different time periods, and the reversible belt machine of the workshop can be used as an intermediate adjustment mechanism to meet the demand of coarse aggregate or sand making materials, especially The sand making process is superior to other processes. This process mainly uses the principle of “stone rock” and is equipped with a 5X series sand making machine to complete the fine crushing sand, which not only reduces the investment cost of Linjian, but also reduces the production cost. The use of dry sieving artificial sand and gravel technology is conducive to the construction of crushing concrete, which brings good economic benefits to both the construction and construction parties.


Optimized configuration of equipment to maximize production efficiency

Reasonable allocation of mechanical equipment to make it as high as possible mechanical efficiency is of great significance for construction companies to reduce costs, and at the same time plays a certain role in the success of our bidding. In the design process of the whole sand and gravel processing system, comprehensive considerations are made from the aspects of work efficiency, product quality, energy consumption, and ease of transportation and installation. Through engineering analogy, technical and economic argumentation is made, and the current domestic reliable crushing and screening is selected. The equipment lays the foundation for the continuity and flexibility of the construction, and also reduces the cost of the project.

The sandstone processing system is reliable and reasonable in production equipment configuration, innovative production process design, under the complicated natural conditions, using new domestic equipment and computer control technology to realize the automation and centralized monitoring of large-scale construction systems, to provide finished RCC products. The aggregate has made a full and highly competitive international hydropower market, and has put forward higher requirements for the corresponding auxiliary enterprises, especially the sand and gravel processing system. It is necessary to have innovations and breakthroughs in the process design and equipment selection.

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