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Raymond Mill Features

Raymond Mill Features

Raymond mill is a vertical structure of milling equipment. The processing principle is that the grinding roller is crushed by the centrifugal force under the action of centrifugal force to achieve the crushing effect. Suspension roller crushing is the grinding roller crushing grinding ring pulverizing material. The following blade keeps the material shovel, so that it is not easy to cause the device to be blocked but it can not feed too much. The feeding must be evenly fed. Raymond Mill is a non-stop feeding material that is non-stop feeding, environmentally friendly and energy-saving milling equipment. The machine is equipped with professional dust collector equipment, no pollution and low noise. Another good feature is that small and medium-sized ones do not need to handle the foundation, only need a cement plane to install and debug, the equipment will not have vibration, and the other is small footprint, low energy consumption and high fineness.

Raymond mill is a positive and negative pressure device, the fan and the analyzer work together to select the finished product with acceptable fineness. The complete set of equipment is very strict in sealing requirements, and there is no place for air leakage. Once the air leakage affects the output and fineness, the equipment is also prone to shock. At this point, users and friends can rest assured that we will send professional technicians to install and debug, train you how to repair how to debug fineness, how to maintain. No matter how good the equipment is, it is inseparable from maintenance. The parts that need to be refueled must be observed more and more oiled. The grinding assembly must be added once a day. This place is the most accessible part of dust. Pay attention to the usual refueling.

Raymond mill grinding roller and grinding ring

The main effect of Raymond mill processing materials is that the grinding roller is crushed and then air-selected. When processing ore and other materials, the grinding roller and the grinding ring will wear more. Some friends buy Raymond mill when they buy it. We will ask how long the grinding roller and the grinding ring can be used. The length of this time is related to the material characteristics of the processing and the time of production. Some friends process the bluestone, and do not need to replace it for 8 hours a day. Grinding rolls and grinding rings.

Some friends who process bauxite also work 8 hours a day. They need to change the grinding roller and the grinding ring in a month or two. Even the grinding roller and the grinding ring with wear-resistant materials can not be used for too long. The toughness of the material is not easy to be powdered, the processing yield is low, the sand iron of the material is relatively strong, and the grinding roller and the grinding ring are relatively comparative. Therefore, the processing of different materials, the operation life of the grinding roller at different times is not necessarily the same. At present, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are commonly used in alloys of three materials. The alloys of the three materials of manganese 13 and 65 manganese are commonly used, and the comprehensive performance is relatively good. The manganese 13 is relatively wear-resistant but is processed. When the material is not suitable, the quality of 65 manganese is low. When users buy different types of grinding rolls and grinding rings, they should choose the right one according to the use condition and the characteristics of their own materials. The better the material, the higher the price.

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