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Raymond Mill Equipment

Raymond Mill Equipment

Introduction of Raymond mill supporting grinding powder equipment classifier

The main component of the Raymond mill is a cage rotor driven by a variable frequency motor. The cage rotor is installed at the bottom of the top shell of the Raymond machine. The upper end of the cage rotor communicates with the powder outlet of the top shell. The upper end side of the cage rotor is covered by the powder anti-coarse ring cover of the top of the casing. The side of the cage rotor is arranged perpendicular to the fine powder main blade, and the fine powder main blade is the upper and lower methods in the rotor. Supported by the blue plate, the upper end of the fine powder main blade passes through the upper flange and is placed in the powder anti-rough ring cover of the top casing, in order to prevent the coarse powder from being between the powder anti-rough ring cover and the fine powder main blade The gap enters the rotor and the manufacturing and installation accuracy should be ensured in manufacturing.

In actual operation, the processing and installation accuracy can not ensure the blocking of the coarse powder. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the rotation speed of the variable frequency motor and prevent the coarse powder from entering the finished product with the high rotation speed of the rotor. Therefore, the energy consumption of the classifier is increased and the energy is reduced. The output of the finished product. At present, the solution to this problem is to set the anti-leakage port on the top shell of the coarse powder passage, and introduce a high-pressure gas source to prevent rough running in a gas-sealed manner to achieve the purpose of improving product quality, but this practice The complexity of the structure of the classifier is increased, and the high-pressure air source of the air compressor is additionally added, and new energy consumption is added, and the cost and maintenance cost of the air compressor are relatively small. We have many years of experience in the production of Raymond mills and other crushing mills. The powder classifiers produced by Raymond machines have solved the high energy consumption, poor grade quality and high cost of the existing Raymond machine classifiers. The problem.

The Raymond mill uses a super-segmentation machine to improve the reverse wind pressure in the gap between the rotor and the top shell powder to prevent the coarse ring cover, so that the coarse powder enters the rotor from the gap between the rotor and the powder anti-roughness ring cover. , must be subject to extreme wind pressure resistance, thus blocking the entry of coarse powder, to achieve anti-rough effect. Compared with the traditional Raymond machine with super-segmentation machine, the rotor speed of the utility model is the lowest, and the graded product has high precision, saves energy, improves the output, and the manufacturing precision is not very high, and the structure is simple.

In the production process of Raymond mill, the customer is most concerned about the production problem, which fully shows that only the output is the direct factor determining the economic benefits. At present, the common problem in China is that there are many similar mill products, but their production capacity is also very different. Then, how to increase the output of the mill on the same model, so as to catch up with similar equipment. When customers purchase the Raymond mill, it is often asked whether the fineness can be achieved and how much the output can reach. It should be known that in the industrial milling process, when the production scale and product structure are basically determined, how to properly distribute the Raymond mill will directly affect the Raymond mill system design, process effect and economic benefits. Raymond mill makes reasonable determination of the model and quantity of the mill, which makes the industrial milling process design more reasonable and more perfect. Under the process requirements, the grader can be used to manufacture fine powder of different specifications to reduce equipment investment.

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