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Quartzite Impact Crusher

Quartzite Impact Crusher

Quartzite impact crusher requirements for plate hammer

The hammer is one of the parts in the impact crusher, which plays an important role in the working process of the equipment. However, there are some differences in the hammer used in the processing of different materials. Let us introduce here, the machine In the production of quartzite, there is a question about what kind of requirements are required for the plate hammer.

In the fine crushing production of quartzite, it is necessary to use the equipment such as the impact crusher. According to the nature of the material in the production, as well as the construction period and investment situation, the equipment of the appropriate type is selected. In the processing, the machine is in the crushing chamber. The material is crushed. During the crushing process, the internal hammers and other parts are also subjected to the force and wear, so in order to reduce the cost of production, we need to choose the appropriate hammer. Here is an introduction. What are the requirements for the hammer in the production line?

As mentioned above, when the hammer is processed by the impact crusher for quartzite, it will be worn. When the wear reaches a certain level, the parts will be damaged and can no longer assist the production smoothly, so it needs to be replaced. At this time, it will increase the investment in operating costs, so we need to reduce the number of replacements in production, which requires the wear resistance of the hammer is better.

How the wear resistance of the part is mainly related to its material and production process. In terms of production process, it is mainly the problems involved when manufacturing the impact crusher. Here we mainly introduce the material for simple introduction:

Nowadays, the materials on the market are high manganese steel, alloy steel materials and high chromium cast iron. They have different wear resistance. Among them, high manganese steel has good toughness, and work hardening occurs under strong impact. Alloy steel materials have the advantages of high toughness, low cost and good wear resistance. However, in practical applications, due to the small amount of reserves, the demand cannot be met. As for high chromium cast iron, its long life but insufficient toughness is easy to break. In the production of quartzite, due to the high hardness of the material, the wear caused by the impact crusher is relatively large, so the hammer produced by high manganese steel should be selected for processing.

The article mainly introduces the requirements of quartzite impact crusher for plate hammer. For the analysis of this problem, the above is more detailed, mainly for the material requirements, because it will wear out during production. This will result in an increase in the cost of the investment. Only by reducing the wear and tear can the cost be reduced. For the reduction of the wear, in addition to the maintenance in the production, it is necessary to fundamentally carry out the selection of the material with high wear resistance. The analysis can be found mainly by selecting high manganese steel to process it.

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