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Processing Mechanism Sand Crusher

Processing Mechanism Sand Crusher

The mechanism sand is relative to natural sand such as river sand. It is mainly composed of rock particles with a particle size of less than 4.75 mm which are mechanically crushed and sieved. In view of the existing equipment in the market, there are quite a few machines that can be used for the processing of machine sand. What is the problem with the processing mechanism? What are the crushing machines that can be used in the processing mechanism?

Since it is a processing mechanism sand (rock particles with a particle size of less than 4.75mm), the ordinary crusher (the fineness of the discharge does not meet the requirements) is definitely not acceptable. Here, we will list some commonly used fine crushers. Machine equipment for customers to purchase reference.

1. Impact crusher

This is a machine that uses impact energy to achieve fine crushing of materials. Because it has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, good grain shape and high cost performance, it is favored by users, so it can be seen in many sandstone cases. Crusher equipment.

2, VSI sand making crusher

This is a new sand-making fine-grained product based on the traditional impact crusher. It has a new breakthrough improvement on the basis of retaining the advantages of the traditional sand making crusher. For example, it is based on sand making. It also has a certain shaping effect. After it is processed, the fine grading of sand and gravel is more reasonable, and the particle size is more uniform, which is very popular among users.

3. Mobile impact crusher

This is a recently-made new fine sand making equipment. Its appearance has greatly expanded the application field of industrial sand making, realizing local work, and saving users a lot of production costs, so even if it enters the market soon, It also successfully captured the hearts and minds of a large number of customers.

Processing mechanism sand is more suitable for this crusher

Although the above three crushers can be used to process machine sand, who is more suitable? better? Here we recommend that you use a mobile impact crusher for the following reasons:

  1. 1. The sand making effect is prominent: the sand and gravel fine material after crushing and processing is mostly cubic, the gradation is reasonable, the size is uniform, and it fully conforms to the current standard of sand for infrastructure construction;
  2. 2, the design is more user-friendly: through the use of vehicle-integrated design, this mobile impact crusher can well eliminate the obstacles of crushing the site, the environment, and the cumbersome basic configuration to the customer's crushing operation;
  3. 3, can reduce the cost of investment: the equipment is highly mobile, with the use of the walk, and can move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, reducing the cost of material handling costs;
  4. 4, can meet the needs of diversified operations: In addition to independent use, this mobile impact crusher can also provide customers with more flexible process configuration for the material type and product requirements in the process, in order to meet the diversified production of users.
  5. 5, the operation of environmental protection standards: With the cooperation of some dust removal and noise reduction equipment, this crusher can basically achieve dust-free operation, creating a good production environment for the staff.

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