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Mobile Cement Block Crusher Equipment

Mobile Cement Block Crusher Equipment

Nowadays, the amount of construction waste is increasing year by year. The cement block is a part of the construction waste. It is re-applied to the construction project after being treated by the mobile cement block breaker equipment. Many people are interested in the process of cement block treatment. This article will show you the whole process of cement block crusher equipment processing.

What are the cement block crushers?

According to the relatively scattered characteristics of construction waste, in order to facilitate rapid processing, users generally choose mobile crushing equipment. Here are three commonly used mobile cement block crusher equipment.

Two-machine operation plan: classic mobile jaw crusher + mobile counter crusher

Mobile Jaw Crusher: It has one of the necessary equipments for stone crushing equipment with large feed port, high output and large crushing ratio. It is the head breaking equipment of many production lines, mainly used to crush large pieces of material in cement blocks. Like the production line, the large block of cement is first cut into small pieces to proceed to the next step.

Mobile counter crusher: It is the same as the moving cone crusher as a secondary crushing device, but its price is lower than that of the moving cone crusher, and the running cost is also low; in addition, the broken material is cubic particles, no tension And cracks, selling good.

Single machine operation plan: mobile hammer crusher

Mobile Hammer Crusher: It is characterized by one-shot molding, which can make a large piece of cement block into gravel once, and one machine can reach two machines above. This is an excellent choice for users with limited funds; Simple, easy to operate, fine material discharge, low noise, less dust, and high cost performance.

The above is the whole process of moving cement block crusher equipment. If you are interested in the mobile crusher equipment for processing cement blocks, you can consult our factory for free.

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