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Impact Crusher Structural Factors

Impact Crusher Structural Factors

Structural Factors Of Impact Crusher

For the impact crusher, the structure determines the performance, the structure, determines the performance of the performance in the production, and the structure is also affected by many factors, we are here to analyze the main structural factors.

The structure of the impact crusher has a great influence on its performance in production and the ease of operation of the machine. Therefore, for the structure, its design is very important, and it needs to be combined with the customer demand in the market. In order to better meet the customer's production requirements, and in terms of structure, it refers to more content, such as specific structural design, such as broken cavity structure parameters, etc. These different concepts for production The much larger impact is different. What we are going to analyze here is the problem of the structural parameters of the fracture cavity.

Generally speaking, under the premise of determining the working performance parameters of the impact crusher, the crushing cavity type has an impact on the product granularity and the efficiency of the work. In terms of working efficiency, some cavity types are relatively large, so the unit time can be The amount of processed materials will be more, then the efficiency of the machine will be improved, and its impact on the product granularity is relatively clear, the following detailed analysis of this problem.

The length of the parallel type of the impact crusher cavity and the size of the closed side discharge port are designed to check whether the material is pulverized to the user's required particle size, and also one of the key factors affecting the productivity of the crusher. The longer the parallel zone, the smaller the size of the closed discharge port, the smaller the particle size of the product, but the productivity of the crusher decreases. The shorter the parallel zone, the larger the size of the closed discharge port, the worse the grain size, but the productivity of the crusher increases. Under the premise of certain working performance parameters, the length of the parallel zone and the width of the closed side discharge opening exist.

The crushing cavity angle is one of the key factors affecting the crushing effect of the material. In order to achieve good crushing effect in the production of impact crusher, the crushing cavity angle also takes a small value, but the size of the closed side discharge port needs to be ensured, otherwise the height of the crushing chamber increases and the weight of the machine increases. In view of the above analysis, the crushing cavity type is an important factor in the structure of the impact crusher. It has an influence on the size of the production capacity and the quality of different finished products, so it is very important for the design of the cavity type.

The article mainly introduces the structural factors of the impact crusher. The article first analyzes the importance of the structure, then introduces the contents of the structure, and then analyzes in detail the crushing cavity type for the capacity and quality of the finished product. Influence, these aspects are very important for production. It is the embodiment of the machine in the production, so it is necessary to carefully design its structure.

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