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Impact Crusher Bearing Heat

Impact Crusher Bearing Heat

Reasons for the impact of the impact crusher bearing

The impact crusher equipment is an indispensable equipment in the production of fine crushing and shaping. The equipment will encounter the phenomenon of bearing heat during production. This article mainly analyzes the causes of the heat of the impact crusher bearing.

In the current crushing market, the demand for stone materials is getting bigger and bigger, and the impact crusher equipment is more and more demanded by the vast industry, but the impact crusher will encounter such problems in the production engineering and Faults, one of the more common ones is the bearing heat of the equipment. The bearing is a very important factor in the normal operation of the impact crusher equipment, so the bearing heat will affect the production of the equipment. This article analyzes the counterattack in the production line. What are the reasons for the heat of the crusher bearing?

The bearing has normal heating and heat generated by improper operation. Generally, the normal heating phenomenon is caused by the high speed operation of the counter crusher rotor. In addition, the use time is too long, which will naturally cause the bearing to heat up. The heat is relatively small, generally speaking, it will not exceed the fixed range and will not affect the operation of the equipment. However, if the bearing has abnormal heat, it may be caused by improper operation. At this time, it should be stopped for inspection to avoid damage to the equipment. Generally, the abnormal heat of the bearing is mainly caused by the following reasons:

If the bearing of the impact crusher equipment is short of oil, it will cause the bearing heat of the equipment. This phenomenon is mostly caused by improper operation. If the operator does not pay attention to routine maintenance, the equipment will be short of oil. The impact crusher The operation of the equipment in the absence of oil will cause the bearing to heat up, which will cause damage to the bearing; in another case, the working environment of the impact crusher equipment is rather harsh, and the inside of the bearing enters impurities during production. A long period of wear will cause serious wear and tear, so that the bearing heats up, so the equipment heat seal is strict;

The bearings of hot summer equipment are prone to heat. Many operators will think that this is a normal phenomenon. In fact, in the event of abnormal heating of the bearing during production, it is necessary to stop the inspection in time to avoid damage to the bearing and to break the impact. The production of the machine has an impact.

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