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Grinding Mill For Slag Powder Grinding

Grinding Mill For Slag Powder Grinding

Summary of contents: As a high-quality and high-efficiency micro-powder grinding equipment, the grinding mill has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, stable operation and low failure rate. It has become an important micro-grinding machine for slag and pulverized coal preparation. Taking the slag micro-powder as an example, the grinding process and configuration of the grinding mill are briefly described.

As an important equipment of slag micro-powder grinding machine, grinding mill is one of the many high-quality grinding equipments we produce, and mtm grinding mill is the leader among them. A slag micro-powder Co., Ltd. is one of our customers of the mill. The company has built an annual output of 200,000 tons of slag powder production line. The mill is mainly made of mtm high-pressure suspension roller mill. In the actual production process, the output is stable and the quality is stable. The technical indicators meet the design requirements. This paper introduces the production process.

1, process configuration

The micro-powder of the production process line is sent into the micro-powder warehouse by the short air chute through the hoist, and the gas box homogenizing device is installed under the micro-powder bank. After the slag micro-powder is homogenized, it is poured into the automobile bulk machine by the bottom-bottom bulk equipment. The grinding mill is equipped with a pulse bag dust collector for processing air volume of 15300m³ /h, and the dust concentration of the outlet is 30mg/m³ the small dust bag dust collector is installed on the top of the mill. The grinding system is open and high-fine grinding is divided into three warehouses. The compartment board is made of two-layer compartments with mandatory discharge. The head compartment is selected by groove step liner, the filling rate is 30.2%; the second warehouse corrugated liner has a filling rate of 31.3%; Sancang small corrugated lining has four-way material ring, the filling rate is 32%, the process is simple, the operation is convenient, and the high-efficiency dust-removing equipment prevents dust from flying and realizes clean and civilized production.

2, production technical indicators

The slag micro-powder grinding production line is based on the technical requirements of the trial operation of the grinding mill manufacturer. The grinding body is added to the mill according to different loadings, and the process time is adjusted to gradually adjust the process parameters under the premise of ensuring product quality.

3, the results of the operation

The production line of the slag grinding mill is mature and the operation is not complicated. According to the production statistics, the output of the grinding mill is stable at 23t/h, sometimes up to 24t/h, the electricity consumption per ton of micro-powder is about 65kWh, and the specific surface area of ??the fine powder is more than 420m2/kg.

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