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Grinding Mill Crushing Ore

Grinding Mill Crushing Ore

The theoretical basis of the grinding mill technology is the lamination pulverization theory. The laminating pulverization refers to a large number of particles that are concentrated by a high degree of space and are gathered together under the action of strong external force to crush and form the group. Overcoming the traditional crushing focus on the reduction of the upper limit of the particle size of the material, that is, the targeted crushing of the large particles by the external force, while ignoring or not actively utilizing the full-grained crushing and the large and small pieces cooperating. The key to laminating pulverization is that in a limited space, the pressure is increased to make the gap between the particles smaller and smaller, until the particles can transfer stress to each other. When the stress intensity reaches the crushing strength of the particles.

The granules begin to smash. Experiments show that because the lamination pulverization is carried out under pure compressive stress, the transfer efficiency is higher than the simple pressure, impact force and shear force, and the lamination pulverization is better than crushing, grinding, mashing, crushing and The crushing effect caused by the external force such as crushing is good. Therefore, when the grinding mill is operated, even if the spacing between the two rolls is significantly larger than the maximum grain size of the ore, the various particle sizes are pulverized during the rolling process, and a large amount of fine particles, fine particles and intra-particle microcracks are generated.

Grinding mill features

As a crushing equipment for ore, high-pressure roller mills have been recognized by the mining industry as their application fields and application processes continue to be enriched.

Grinding mill application characteristics

The equipment operation rate is high. Bearings and other rotating parts have large specifications, strong resistance to pressure and abrasion, and long service life; less contact with materials, wear-resistant parts, advanced wear-resistant treatment technology, less maintenance; automatic control, automatic detection, automatic protection and early warning and forecasting system Advanced, man-machine dialogue interface is simple and easy to operate; the distance between the two rolls is greater than the maximum grain size of the ore during work, and the mixing of the metal blocks equivalent to the maximum grain size of the ore is not to damage the roll surface. Therefore, the equipment runs safely, smoothly, reliably, and has a high operating rate. The equipment has strong adaptability.

The grinding mill can pre-grind finely crushed products (product size <3mm, -0.074mm accounted for more than 25%); it can also crush medium-crushed products, and complete the work of conventional fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing two-stage crushing operation. . It is also easy to handle the hydrated or muddy viscous ore that is difficult to pass through traditional fine crushing operations. Therefore, the grinding mill has a strong adaptability. The process configuration is simple. The grinding mill has a large production capacity and the crushing ratio is 8~10 times normal. The more the crushing and grinding work is undertaken, the smaller the length of the system flow and the width of the subsequent process configuration.

Civil construction investment province

The equipment has large production capacity and simple process configuration; the structure is compact, the outer shape is small, and the floor space is small; the crushing action occurs between the two rollers, and the generated pressing force is absorbed by the frame, and the equipment foundation basically does not need to consider the dynamic load, the basic engineering Small amount, less investment in civil construction. Achieved the principle of “multiple broken and less grinding” and “can throw early throw”. The crushing operation represented by pre-grinding not only has better selective crushing effect, but also forms a large number of fine-grained and fine-grained products. A large number of minerals have completed preliminary dissociation, so they have better sorting conditions. Fully realized the "multiple broken and less grinding" and "can throw early throw".

Significant cost reduction. Laminating fracture is a high-efficiency compressive stress fracture, the efficiency is obviously higher than the ball-milling crushing mainly composed of compressive stress and shear stress (the compressive stress effect is about 5 times of the shear stress effect), so the crushing energy consumption is low; the high-pressure roll abrasive cake A large number of fine particles and fine particles, as well as abundant stress cracks inside the coarse particles, mean that the grinding work index is significantly reduced, the power consumption of the subsequent ball mill system is reduced, and the productivity is increased by more than 30%. The early cost of tailing and the consumption of tons of mineral materials is low, which makes the system cost reduction and efficiency increase more significant.

Improve the selection of indicators and improve the efficiency of operations. The high-pressure roller mill operation makes the stress at the interface between the two minerals in the ore particles concentrated, and the cleavage surface is easy to separate or form micro-cracks, which is beneficial to form useful mineral monomers under the coarse grinding fineness, thereby reducing the grinding. Mine operations, reduced grinding fineness, reduced metal loss due to over-grinding, improved sorting indicators and efficiency of filtration operations. The equipment runs smoothly, the material is crushed by static pressure, and there is no strong collision and impact, so the noise is low. The feeding, crushing and discharging of the equipment are all completed in a relatively closed system, and the number of equipment is small, the number of dust removing points is small, and the dust removal is easy to be realized, so that the dust is small and the production environment is clean and tidy.

Grinding Mill Structure Features

The powder metallurgy wear-resistant surface introduced in recent years to replace the roller surface of the stud makes the roller tire base and the wear-resistant surface seamlessly integrated, which overcomes the brittle fragile and easy to fold, difficult to repair, and has a large edge effect and can withstand. The work pressure is limited, and has self-repairing function. While improving wear resistance and service life, it also has obvious advantages in terms of operating rate and unit consumption. The mutually independent hydraulic systems respectively apply pressure to both ends of the moving roller to complete high-pressure crushing and crushing of the feeding material. The pressure of the two systems can be set separately and changed online, thus ensuring the flexibility, adaptability and the ability of balanced feeding and self-protection of the whole equipment. Even if the feeding is not uniform enough in a short time, normal production can be guaranteed and not Will be damaged. However, a hydraulic system can also be used in special cases.

The rack can be opened to both sides in a very short time, and the four base columns become slide rails to facilitate the replacement of the roller tires when opening, which greatly reduces the downtime and maintenance time, and further improves the working rate of the roller press. The closed structure is used to realize the buffering, offset and absorption of the gearbox torque during the operation of the roller press, which not only greatly reduces the length and vibration of the transmission shaft, but also saves the base and foundation of the transmission, saving capital expenditure and time. Convenient for maintenance work. The double row centering self-aligning roller bearing ensures that the roller shaft can instantaneously deviate from the parallel position within a small range. This design ensures that the equipment is not damaged in the case of uneven ore or metal parts mixed in the mine.

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