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Crushed Stone Crusher Or Heavy Hammer

Crushed Stone Crusher Or Heavy Hammer

Crushed stone with a jaw crusher, or heavy hammer

The jaw crusher and the heavy hammer are all kinds of sand crushing equipment with high usage rate. What is the comparison between the two, in the process of crushing the stone, is the jaw crusher good, or is the hammer crushed?

First, two stone crusher products

1, jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is a full-size jaw crusher. It consists of two jaws, which are composed of a moving jaw and a static jaw. The crusher is used to simulate the crushing operation of the material by simulating the two movements of the animal. Therefore, it is also called “Tiger mouth” because Its feed diameter is large, so it is used for some large-scale rock crushing treatment.

2, the heavy hammer

The heavy hammer is broken, that is, the heavy hammer crusher, which mainly realizes the crushing processing by the collision of the high-speed rotating hammer body and the material. Different from the conventional stone crusher, this heavy hammer can directly crush the material with a particle size of 600-1800 mm to 25 or 25 mm, which is a molding operation, so it is favored by customers.

Second, crushed stone with jaw crusher or heavy hammer

Although both stone crushers are good, which equipment is better for crushing stone? We recommend that you prefer a heavy hammer, as follows:

  1. 1. Although the jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and can be applied to a variety of rock material treatments, it can only achieve coarse crushing production. If you want to complete further refinement, you need to add some other two-stage crushing equipment or Fine crushing equipment, etc., there is no one-time heavy hammer crushering equipment is convenient and practical.
  2. 2, jaw crusher only has the ability of coarse crushing, and a branch of heavy hammer breaks it contains plastic effect. Generally, the sand and gravel fine material after it is processed, almost no need to be treated again, can be used directly, worry.
  3. 3, the weight of the heavy hammer can reach 80-3000 tons / hour, which is the height that the conventional stone crusher can't reach, so if you have high demand for production, or have the need for work, choose this heavy Hammer crusher is more suitable.

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