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Construction Waste Crushing Production Line Equipment

Construction Waste Crushing Production Line Equipment

Construction waste brings pollution to the environment, and it also causes a lot of waste of resources. Reuse of construction waste can not only effectively improve the environment we rely on, but also realize the recycling of construction waste. To develop, it is necessary to renovate some old buildings and highways. However, during the demolition and construction process, some construction waste will inevitably be produced. As the demolition and reconstruction progresses, the total output of construction waste is also increasing year by year. In order to effectively treat construction waste, the waste treatment industry is gradually increasing. They mainly use the processing of crushing, sand making, washing and sieving to realize the reuse of construction waste. What are the production line equipment used to process construction waste? What are the prices for both stationary and mobile waste disposal equipment?

Traditional fixed crushing line equipment

Main equipment: jaw crusher (coarse crusher), counterattack type (medium and fine crusher), impact sand making machine (fine crushing, rough grinding)

Auxiliary equipment: In addition to the above main equipment, it is also necessary to configure the vibrating screen, the feeder and the dust removal and denoising devices. If you want to get the finished stone without mud, you need to configure the sand washing machine for cleaning.


Mobile construction waste production line - flexible configuration, free transition

The mobile construction waste production line is generally a mobile production line consisting of two mobile breaks. Not only can the appropriate crushing and screening equipment be configured according to the actual needs of the customers, but the equipment is not subject to the restrictions of the site. The working site can be converted at any time, and the raw materials do not need to be transported away. Save time and configure the water spray (dust removal device) to effectively improve the working environment and reduce environmental pollution while efficiently crushing stones.

Mobile construction waste crusher is a good choice

The fixed crushing production line has higher requirements for the site, which also makes it difficult to work normally in the place where the construction garbage is stacked. If the truck transportation method is adopted, the later transportation cost is a big problem, so the mobile construction garbage crusher It is a good choice. The mobile construction waste crusher, also known as the mobile crusher, is a mining equipment that integrates crushing, feeding and conveying. It is equipped with a crawler-type body, which can be used to stop and stop, and to crush on site.

The fixed construction waste crushing production line is inconvenient to change. The equipment needs to be piled after the operation. The early stage needs to take a long time. The moving crushing station not only does not need to piling, but also the transition is free. After the transition, it is only necessary to carry out simple station adjustment. The work is short-lived and easy to operate, so it has been loved by many companies.

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