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Construction Waste Crusher Equipment

Construction Waste Crusher Equipment

Construction waste crusher construction waste mainly includes construction waste, waste bricks, waste tiles, scattered mortar and concrete, in addition to a small amount of steel, wood, glass, plastic, various packaging materials. The current general treatment is to transport it to a designated location for centralized landfill. Few people really see the value of garbage disposal. If construction waste can be treated to produce building materials such as bricks or concrete, it can be used to replace the decreasing stone resources and greatly reduce the exploitation of increasingly depleted mines. At present, all kinds of equipments that can be selected belong to traditional mining machinery and equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc., the complexity of construction waste components, and the specialization of construction waste disposal equipment. For example, the steel bars contained in construction waste cannot be broken by traditional crushers. In the production, problems such as the rotor of the steel-wound crusher, serious blockage of the crushing chamber, and low production efficiency are often encountered. If it is to be applied to construction waste, It is also necessary to use a special crusher for construction waste with a steel shearing device.

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Construction waste crusher features

The fixed construction waste treatment machine can be flexibly combined according to the domestic market conditions and has strong adaptability. Various crushing stations are available in a variety of configurations. Users can also choose their own configuration according to their own needs. They can be composed of “first crushing and then crushing” according to different crushing process requirements, or they can be composed of “first screening and crushing” process, crushing and screening. Can be used alone. The construction waste crusher can be combined into a coarse and fine crushing two-stage crushing and screening system according to actual needs. It can also be combined into a coarse, medium and fine three-stage crushing and screening system. It can also be operated independently and has great flexibility.

Based on the practice of construction waste crusher production, our company has carried out several improved designs and introduced improved models specially used in construction waste mobile crushing stations. It has been successfully applied to tire-type mobile crushing stations and crawler-type mobile crushing. In the station, the performance is extremely advanced. With the steel bar cutting device, after the steel bar is cut, the main machine will not be blocked, the recycled aggregate has good grain shape, and the feed port is large, which can be changed into three-stage crushing into single-stage crushing. The price is higher in the model. The construction type waste crusher is a tire-type mobile crushing station with strong site adaptability and convenient maintenance; reliable performance and flexible configuration; single-stage fine crushing, high efficiency and energy saving; large feed size and large crushing ratio; fine discharge and good pellet formation The advantages of dual use of oil and electricity and simple process. At present, this series of construction waste mobile crushing stations has been widely used in several large construction waste disposal sites such as several construction waste crushing sites.

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